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Playing God

     I can't make my own decisions, or make any with precision. Well, maybe you should tie me up. So I don't go where you don't want me. You say that I been changing, that I'm not just simply aging. Yeah, how could that be logical? Just keep on cramming ideas down my throat.

     You don't have to believe me. But the way I, way I see it. Next time you point a finger I might have to bend it back, or break it, break it off. Next time you point a finger, I'll point it to the mirror.

    If God's the game that you're playing, well, we must get more acquainted. Because it has to be so lonely, to be the only one who's holy. It's just my humble opinion, but it's one that I believe in. You don't deserve a point of view, if the only thing you see is you.

The message from this song, tells it all. Nice job, Williams, Farro, and Taylor. This song goes out to all those who are "playing god". ;)