Life Hacks | When should you break up? By: Bo Sanchez - The Multi-Hobbyist

Life Hacks | When should you break up? By: Bo Sanchez

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When should you break up? by: Bo Sanchez

Boyfriends who you know are not “the one.” 
Boyfriends who won’t marry you. Boyfriends who simply are not good for you. I want to help those who are stuck in dead-end relationships and who have jerks for boyfriends because that’s what they think they deserve. How do you know if you have a bad relationship?

Here’s my list… from the most obvious to the least obvious.
1. If you find out he’s married.
2. If you find out he’s an alcoholic, drug addict or a compulsive gambler.
3. If you find out he’s an incurable playboy.
4. If you find out he’s got another girlfriend.
5. If you find out he’s got a boyfriend. (This happens.)
6. If you find out he’s got an uncontrollable temper or becomes violent or verbally abusive.
7. If you find out he’s a chronic liar, a cheater or has a weak conscience.
8. If he can’t hold a job for more than a few weeks or months.
9. If he borrows money from you constantly and doesn’t pay.
10. If you argue with him more than you talk.
11. If you find out you have a few shared values.
12. If you don’t trust him.13. If you feel jealous and anxious when he’s not around.
14. If you’re six months into a quasi-relationship and he doesn’t even want to have an exclusive relationship with you.
15. If you’ve been in an exclusive relationship for many years and he doesn’t want to propose – and his reasons for not doing so are so flimsy (example: “ My mother is still alive”)

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