Life Hacks | When should you break up? By: Bo Sanchez - The Multi-Hobbyist

Life Hacks | When should you break up? By: Bo Sanchez

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When should you break up?by: Bo Sanchez

Boyfriends who you know are not “the one.”Boyfriends who won’t marry you.Boyfriends who simply are not good for you.I want to help those who are stuck in dead-end relationships and who have jerks for boyfriends because that’s what they think they deserve.How do you know if you have a bad relationship?Here’s my list… from the most obvious to the least obvious.1. If you find out he’s married.2. If you find out he’s an alcoholic, drug addict or a compulsive gambler.3. If you find out he’s an incurable playboy.4. If you find out he’s got another girlfriend.5. If you find out he’s got a boyfriend. (This happens.)6. If you find out he’s got an uncontrollable temper or becomes violent or verbally abusive.7. If you find out he’s a chronic liar, a cheater or has a weak conscience.8. If he can’t hold a job for more than a few weeks or months.9. If he borrows money from you constantly and doesn’t pay.10. If you argue with him more than you talk.11. If you find out you have a few shared values.12. If you don’t trust him.13. If you feel jealous and anxious when he’s not around.14. If you’re six months into a quasi-relationship and he doesn’t even want to have an exclusive relationship with you.15. If you’ve been in an exclusive relationship for many years and he doesn’t want to propose – and his reasons for not doing so are so flimsy (example: “ My mother is still alive”)

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