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Life Hacks | 100 Things A Girl Wishes Her Boyfriend Knew

Coming from a girl:
1. Text her first.
2. Don't call her hot. Call her beautiful or pretty.
3. We like to feel protected, that's your job.
4. Tell her you love us only if you mean it. 
5. Don't lie. NEVER.
6. If you break up with her, the pain never leaves
7. Don't act cool. 
8. Be yourself.
9. Tickle her.
10. Push her on the swings.
11. Play with her hair without looking like a gay hair stylist.
12. Don't think she likes some other dude. If she did, she would be dating him and not you.
13. Make eye contact.
14. LISTEN TO US no matter how boring our conversations get.
15. Don't just say I love you and call her baby in your texts, Say them in person.
16. If she walk away, follow her.
17. Never let her have the last word.
18. Argue with her about how awesome she is.
19. Hug her when she is sad.
20. Make a song "our song". Its sweet.
21. Double dating is cool but not if you are talking more with the other guy than you are with her.
22. Dance with her.
23. Hold her hand.
24. Kiss her in the pouring rain. It's romantic.
25. Don't question her.
26. If she tells you to leave her alone. Listen. She might kick your butt.
27. If she calls you a jerk say shes right and apologize. 
28. Let her buy dinner if she offers to, if she doesn't, pay for her.
29. Like her for her, not for her looks.
30. Call her to say good night.
31. Stay on the phone with her, even if she isn't saying anything.
32. Doesn't matter if you are friends with her ex, you still should hate him.
33. Go to her games. ( dance, basketball, volleyball etc.)
34. Become friends with her friends, they can be helpful.
35. When she is bored, hang with her.
36. Your smile makes her day. Keep that in mind.
37. Comment on how she looks.
38. Sit next to her.
39. When you fall in love with her, tell her.
40. Don't be perverted. It might be funny to you and your friends, but to her, it's just plain SICK.
41. Say you miss her.
42. Let her know you love her.
43. Watch her favorite movie with her, even if you think its stupid. When you go to the movies with her, don't watch some gory, bloody movie. Watch a comedy or a romance.
44. Tell her what song reminds you of her.
45. Act nervous, its cute.
46. Write her notes.
47. Don't go silent with her. It is awkward. No one likes the feeling of discomfort with the one they love.
48. Choose her out of all of the other girls.
49. Say you love her more than she ever could.
50. If she looks in your eyes, don't look away until she does.
51. When she is crying, hold her and let your love speak for itself. Trust me. It works.
52. Don't her on her, she will find out. (WHAT)
53. If you say your going to call her, call her!
54. Invite her to your sports games. She would love to come and support you!
55. Don't act like a jerk in front of your friends.
56. Invite her to your house to hang out.
57. We don't wanna hear who is pretty or hot unless it's us, we love compliments even though we decline them to seem modest.
58. Show off. It's cute. But don't show off too much, then it's just annoying.
59. Sneak up behind her, tickle and surprise her.
60. Saying something sweet might get you off the hook. But DOING something sweet will let you off the hook!
61. Just because she is talking to a guy doesn't mean she likes him. CHILL THE FREAKOUT.
62. Flowers are cheesy nowadays. Buy her a cute card or something.
63. A kiss on the cheek is romantic.
64. Pick her up and twirl her around.
65. If its cold, insist her to wear your jacket.
66. Hang out with her as much as possible.
67. Sing to her no matter how stupid you sound.
68. She will love it if you cuddle with her.
69. Make "the move". (Pretend to stretch but then put your arm around her)
70. She won't care if you are the strongest guy in the world.
71. Share secres with her.
72. If she falls for you, catch her.
73. Don't let your friends tell you how to deal with a relationship.
74. Laugh with her even if you don't get what she's laughing at.
75. Stay true.
76. When shes quiet, ask her whats wrong.
77. When she ignores you, give her your attention.
78. When she pulls away, pull her back.
79. When you see her at her worst, tell her she looks beautiful.
80. She shouldn't have to tell you to hug her.
81. When you see her walking by herself, sneak up behind her and hug her by her waist.
82. When she teases you, tease her back and make her laugh.
83. When she looks at you in doubt, back yourself up.
84. When she bumps into you, bump her back to make her laugh.
85. When she says she is "Okay.". Don't believe her. Just talk to her.
86. Call her at 12 am on her birthday to tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
87. Treat her like she is all that matters to you.
88. Stay up with her all night when she is sick.
89. Give her the world.
90. Talk to her about everything and anything.
91. Take pics with her so you can treasure the memories.
92. When she says she loves you more - fight back!
93. Hug her in front of your mates.
94. When someone is picking on her, stand up for her.
95. Kiss her gently on the cheek. 
96. Go on walks with her.
97. Remind her how lucky you are to have her.
98. Don't change - she loves you as you are.
99. Suprise her with presents.