A (Kind-of-a-New-Year's-Resolution-Thing-But-Not-Really) Poem on New Year's Eve - The Multi-Hobbyist

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A (Kind-of-a-New-Year's-Resolution-Thing-But-Not-Really) Poem on New Year's Eve

by Trina (@trinuhhh)

Don’t wanna be your shadow anymore
Don’t wanna be your follower
Don’t wanna be your tail
Just wanna be far far away.
Don’t wanna be the least
Don’t wanna be your east
Don’t wanna be bossed around
Just wanna be profound.
Just wanna say this to you,
Who do you think you are?
To think of me as your retainer?
So just so you know, I am so through.
For all those years I adjusted,
All those years, all wasted
Try’na convince myself I can handle,
The wick has burned, no more candle.
I did my best,
While yours is the rest
Where was it?
None, so I’m heading to the exit.
So long, old friend
It was such an experience
But right now your existence,
Is almost as if you’re a fiend.
I hate goodbyes so I won’t say such
Someone like you won’t even bother much
Better leave it that way
You wouldn’t care and notice anyway.