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TMH Playlist | The 1975

The 1975

It’s been what, years of not typing words (don’t get me wrong, I type a lot of words every day on my mobile phone, iPod and computer at work), expressing what I’m feeling and all those nitty gritty stuff in my life into the cyberspace that I’d like to think is as peaceful as having journal to write to.

Lately, just like 2 months ago or so (yet I’m still into them), I have been deeply in love with this band. The last time I became like this was Paramore, which dates back to their first album—All We Know is Falling. So imagine how long it was since I had a band I was sooo crazy about. So enough blabbing, the band I am talking about is from Manchester, UK: The 1975! You may know or think you know them from the song “Chocolate” with that strong British accent you have to even search for the lyrics online just to understand what the vocalist was singing. But heck, it became stuck in my head from the first time I heard it on 8tracks while at work. (Guys, don’t do this if the company you are working for is pretty strict and limits internet connection. Lucky for us, we are blessed with the internet here. *teehee*)


The 1975 is a 4-piece alternative/indie rock band from the UK. The group consists of Matthew Healy for vocals and guitar, Adam Hann (guitar), George Daniel (drums), and Ross MacDonald (bass). So I got a deluxe version of their album, so I have all their songs—from their different EPs and album like (EPs:)Facedown, Sex, Music for Cars and IV, then their self-titled debut album, “The 1975”.

Trivia: Matthew Healy is the eldest son of Denise Welch, an English actress, dancer, and television presenter best known for her roles as Natalie Barnes in Coronation Street and Steph Haydock in Waterloo Road with Tim Healy. But growing up with a celebrity mom, I’m guessing Matty (his nickname) wanted to build a name of his own—the music industry.
I have been hooked to them for months, so I ended up researching them online, reading articles here and there and pretty much watching all their live performances on YouTube, since I was done watching every official music video of them. I even watched two versions of their music video for “Chocolate”!

I find their music, appealing—having combined music genres like indie, alternative rock, electro/synthpop kind of vibe if you listen to one or two songs especially Chocolate and Settle Down. Here are the videos in case you’re wondering:

I am really into a guy with a good voice and plays the guitar in a band. And recently, what I have been looking for music to listen to are mostly indie, feel-good and with a hint of rock and electropop and yep! I found it in them. So if you like these genres too, you might as well check these guys out! They have created a hype among young adults because their music is really the shit. But mind you guys, this band is not a pop band. That's their number 1 rule.

Their song "Chocolate" is also included in the FIFA14 PS4 game along with Empire of the Sun and Chvrches!


How awesome is that?? I'm tellin' ya, these guys are going to make it big! And by the way, they are going to be here in Manila this March 27th until the 29th for a show!!! How fortunate am I!!! Thank you too to Ayala Malls and MMI for making this possible! Here are the details btw:


Thanks to my work, it would be difficult for me to match my schedule with their shows--but possible! I'm gonna have to file a personal day aka vacation leave for those days that will fall on a weekday. So, see ya, I guess? :)