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7107 International Music Festival Day 2


So this by far is one of the best events I have ever been into! Okay, so maybe it is the best since we got this for free. Yay! So yeah, since Day 1 failed, we made sure that Day 2 will be fun no matter what! That's why we really relaxed at the hotel, charged our devices and even ourselves for what will seem to be a restless day, since we know that Day 2 has the biggest artists to perform. I didn't go crying and all with Day 1, since for me it wasn't that much of a deal because it was just free anyway... (Assuring myself, ha!)


Day 2 (Feb 23)
  • Foreign Acts: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Empire of the Sun, Kendrick Lamar, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Luciana.
  • Local Acts: Up Dharma Down, Sponge Cola, Pulso, Jensen & the Flips, Abra & Loonie, Encounters with a Yeti, Rocksteddy, Itchyworms, She’s Only Sixteen, Cheats, Scarlet Heroes, Yolanda Moon, Sky Marines, The Ringmaster, Populardays, Not Another Boy Band, Keith Bryan Haw, Marc Marasigan, Aryan & Travis Monsod, Ron Poe, Carlo Atendido, Jessica Milner.

We arrived at the venue at around 2:30 pm, so it was Itchyworms' set already. It amplified my energy when I saw the main stage looks a lot like that of Coachella's! Although of course Coachella is waaayyyy better than this, and I'd super love to attend one, someday.


And oh. We even saw Maxene and Elmo Magalona being so sweet behind the scenes of an interview for Smart! I really admire how close they are as a family. :)
Saab Magalona's band "Cheats" played too! In fact, we're even beside Elmo, Chino (Max's boyfriend), Max and Frank! Photo below. 
I actually wasn't paying that much attention to other performers, as it was hot and I want to save my body's and my gadgets' energy for the latter performers, but of course to the exception of Up Dharma Down, of which my videos all failed, thanks to the camera I borrowed from my Mom. The audio was sooo busted, that my iPod took better videos. I uploaded all of the videos I took of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Kendrick Lamar, Empire of the Sun, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc, etc, and you can view them from this playlist at YouTube.

I took a few photos too, using my iPod since we figured that bringing a DSLR would be too bulky and just hassle.

I don't know about the issues, whether they are true or not but I'm telling you, this was one heck of an experience. It was really fun, thanks to our free passes! I'd love to experience this and more music festival again, but I think I won't spend too much $$$ if I think it is not worth it. If it's for free, then I'm in! :)

Here's to more music festivals in the Philippines, yeah?