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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


I read this gem immediately after reading Eleanor& Park because that book got me hanging, wanting for more. So instead of mooching around all day, I decided to immediately read another Rainbow Rowell book. I instantly started reading the next highest-rated and hyped about a book by the same author. True enough, I never regretted the second I started reading the first few lines...

Warning: spoilers ahead...

This book was of course about a fangirl, writing fanfics (fanfictions) about her favorite literary characters Simon and Baz--a not-your-ordinary-kind of a couple, because one of them is a vampire. I felt like I was reading a fanfic of Twilight!

But a good one at that, because I loved how the story is so realistic--how a bookworm who lives in the reality of her literary idols struggle to maintain that world while being in college at the same time. She had to deal with college, her twin, their Dad, her gothic roommate and her roommate's ex-boyfriend and best friend. Ironic, it is. But trust me, it's one good YA book. 


This book will probably remind you of your youth--the "butterflies in your stomach" kind of thing, all the dramas you had to deal with during college, and then you'll just sigh in relief thanking God that you're waaaaaay past that phase in your life. LOL.

Such a good book. I love how Rainbow Rowell writes, it takes you to the exact moment and makes you feel as if you are young again. Oh love and all things associated with it. ;)