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TMH Playlist | Little Machines album by LIGHTS

Lights - Little Machines album

Being a Spotify premium subscriber and user, I make sure to explore all new and good musicians out there from my preferred genres: indie, alternative, electropop, hipster, and all those feel-good songs. I also make sure to create my own playlists, so that I won't have to manually put every song I like on my iPod. Through Spotify premium, I came across this track I fell in love immediately upon hearing. Thought it's one of Taylor Swift's songs from her new album The 1989, but when I listened well, it sounded like Ellie Goulding. Odd. So when I checked the artist, I noticed that it's a new name--one I've never heard or saw before--"LIGHTS".

What a unique "name" to use: "LIGHTS". I actually thought that it was the title of a song, but then again, I heard two songs with the same title, so I bet it isn't the title; it's the artist's name.

Valerie Anne Poxleitner aka LIGHTS

LIGHTS' real name is Valerie Anne Poxleitner and she's from Ontario, Canada. I thought she was British too, because she's got a little bit of accent going on her songs, plus she also sounds a bit like Ellie Goulding. Nope--it's more like Taylor Swift's voice in Ellie Goulding's music. Nevertheless, this girl's up to something new with her unique music: catchy tunes and beats. Love it, love her.

If you like the same music as me: mainly electropop, indie, alternative and the like, then you've got to check out this chick and her music. I only got to listen to her new album "Little Machines" and the previous one called "Siberia"  I already got my favorite songs (listed below in no order):
  • Up We Go (Little Machines)
  • Don't Go Without Me (Little Machines)
  • Meteorites (Siberia)
  • Siberia (Siberia)
  • How We Do It (Siberia)

Quick trivia: she's not only into electropop; she released a full acoustic album too! If you want to listen to her music, visit her Spotify artist profile here and click play. It's free! For the meantime, you may check out her single "Up We Go" off of her 2014 album called "Little Machines". ;)

Up We Go - Lights (Little Machines - 2014)