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My Second Ombre + Keratin Treatment Hair Makeover at Society Salon (Previously Azta Urban Salon, Pioneer)

 What: Ombre hair color and Keratin treatment (Their version of Brazilian Blowout)
Where: Society Salon (Previously Azta Urban Salon - Pioneer)
How Much: Php 8,700 for the color, keratin treatment and haircut

I have been obsessed with making my hair look better for the past 5 years and so. I have had straightening treatments for what seems to be three consecutive years or more, then I got a digital perm (at a Korean salon with a Japanese hairdresser/specialist in that treatment) twice in a span of two and a half years. Last year, it was my first time to have my hair colored and try this new innovation in hair called the Brazilian Blowout. has been almost a year and half since my last hair treatment at the same salon where I had my first.
Apparently, I have been told that Azta Urban Salon's branch in Robinson's Forum Mall is no longer a part of the franchise because they stopped the contract already. What happened was the owner didn't want to renew, and that accordingly, she wanted to just have/call it her own. Thus, the renovation, and their new name, "Society Salon".

Since they left the Azta Urban Salon franchise, I expected for the prices to be cheaper, since they were starting a new name--but nope. Instead, they told me their prices were even a bit higher than Azta's. Hmmm, okay, let's see if your prices compensate the services well...

As I have mentioned, this is my second time to have my hair colored and treated at this Salon (see photos above), so I think I'm not that new to the price and services that they have. To be honest, I was not fully satisfied of their finished product (my hair) the last time: 1) my hair was even shorter that what I wanted it to be; 2) the senior hairstylist is a bit stubborn, as he opted for more layers on my hair, when I said I didn't want that; and 3) the hair color I wanted to achieved (I showed a photo, he told me he can do it and started saying nice things already) did not happen! Good thing though, they had an ongoing promo last time, 50% off on all treatments and services. Last time, we paid almost Php 6,000 for the ombre color and keratin treatment for my hair that's almost on my bra line.

Regardless of that mediocre experience, I decided to give them a chance, thinking that they'll do better this time (talk about second chances!). I came back with my hair much longer this time, and opting for an updated ombre color--the balayage ombre. I showed Louie (senior hairstylist) what I wanted, and again, he told me he can do it *all smiles and very much giddy*.

The photo I showed to Louie has a combination of Ash Brown and Ash Blonde on the tips, and it's not just a simple ombre--it's balayage ombre, with a few highlights here and there, and that the gradient is much subtler than the two-toned ombre that I had before. 

 After 2 hours and my hair still doesn't resemble the photo I showed,
regardless of the fact that I even checked if the color they put in my hair was correct.
They just shrugged and told me that what they put was correct. Hmm...

However, after almost 4 hours of sitting, and soaking my hair with chemicals, nothing changed. Instead, the color turned out to be even more vibrant--farther than the color I really wanted. What the heck happened to the "I can do it"?

The finished product

Once again, I was disappointed with the finished product--only this time, I finally told myself this is the last time. Why? 1) The color I wanted wasn't even close to what I have now; 2) Despite my request of not having higher layers, I still have them; 3) This wasn't even balayage ombre; 4) It looked as though I had the same hair one and a half year ago, only longer, brighter and more expensive.

 I disliked how obvious the division of the two colors is; what happened to the "ombre"? 
Isn't ombre (French for shadow, shade, ghost) hair color supposed to be a gradient?
A subtle mix/intersection of two colors? 
Because my hair seemed to be more of a dip dye now, than an ombre.

It's final, I have decided to never go back to this salon again. Aside from the pricey services, I find it not satisfying. The staff is stubborn, and the price does not compensate for the quality they offer. Turns out I should have gone to this salon at Galleria instead who offers cheaper services...... Lesson learned!