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Schwarzkopf Professionnelle Laque Super Strong Hold hair spray review

 Brand: Schwarzkopf Professional
Product: Professionnelle Laque Super Strong Hold hair spray
Bought from: Vivere Salon - Megamall
Price: Php 560 (?)
Can be bought from David's Salon but it costs more than Php 600...

With regard to my previous blog post about my full hair and makeover at Vivere Salon - Megamall branch, I just like to share the product that was used on my hair, since I really loved the product on my hair. The boyfriend also loves using this product on his hair because it holds (and smells) better than most of his hair products like wax and clay. ;)

Full hair and makeup at Vivere Salon; used Schwarzkopf Professional 
for my hair to still stay curly and wavy all through the night! :)

I rarely use hair sprays because I already put my hair in to so much risk since I change my hairstyle and hair color annually, depending on what I like--Keratin treatments, bleaching, coloring, heavy layering, plus occasional use of a blower and iron. Imagine what does to your hair. I mean, it can only take so much right? That's why as much as possible, when going out, I really avoid using that product. I usually just curl it and let it stay for less than an hour, then blow dry it to let it set--that's it.

However, this product just changed the game. Schwarzkopf Professionnelle Laque Super Strong Hold hair spray helped make my hair still curly even after more than 5 hours, partying, dancing, and all that activity. In fact, my hair still looks awesome (or even better!) when I left the event! Actually, we even went to a spa to pamper ourselves with a Swiss massage and yet when I got home again (so from the 5 hours, add 2 hours pa!), I had the sexiest curls which made it hard for me to sleep. It made me feel like I still needed to go somewhere because, *~best hair day eva~*. LOL.

The boyfriend tried this product on his hair because he was amazed that my hair still looked good despite all the activities I had. He tried it, and was impressed because it isn't like other hair sprays that makes your hair hard as if it will break. This product feels as if you just had a mousse or a soft wax on your hair. The other amazing thing is, it lasts for hours.

I recommend this product for both men and women, because the boyfriend and I have tried it and we loved it. For men, just make sure you don't use it on a daily basis because no matter how good this product is, it is still a hair spray, a chemical which can harm your hair and scalp. Men and women, like any other hair spray, do not spray this near your scalp as it may irritate it and cause dandruff or a reaction. Also, after using this, do not forget to wash your hair thoroughly to remove accumulated dirt stuck on your hair. Also, do not use it on a daily basis, okay? :) Other than that, you're good!

Any other hair spray brands that are good? :)