Indie Electronica band Passion Pit cancels Manila (and all upcoming international) show, leaving fans upset. Here are top 10 Passion Pit songs to cheer you up - The Multi-Hobbyist

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Indie Electronica band Passion Pit cancels Manila (and all upcoming international) show, leaving fans upset. Here are top 10 Passion Pit songs to cheer you up

Photo from @passionpit on Twitter

It's been exactly 2 months now since I last posted in this now-updated blog. So for my "comeback" post (LOL), let's talk about the band Passion Pit.

I don't know about you if you haven't even heard of the song "Carried Away" or "Take A Walk" in your entire life. But for the past weeks, it's been part of my playlist in preparation for the band's first ever concert here in the Philippines, that was supposed to happen on August 13, 2015, at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

Due to ongoing illness, Passion Pit's performances at WayHome Music & Arts Festival in Oro Medonte, Canada on 7/25 and...

The show was canceled because apparently, Michael Angelakos, lead singer, needs to take rest as he recovers from Pneumonia and Bronchitis. Below is VybeMNL, the producer's message:

Fellow Passion Pit fans, believe us when we say that we feel as disappointed as you guys as we announce this, since we...
Posted by Vybe Productions on Thursday, 6 August 2015

This then sent fans to a frenzy on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (including me, since I recently just upgraded from Silver to VIP Seating). Passion Pit even trended the night the sad news was announced!

Passion Pit show in Manila

Just in case you were one of those people wondering who they are, Passion Pit is an indie electronica band that originated from Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2007. The band consists solely of Michael Angelakos--the man behind that high pitched (falsetto) voice most people always thought was a girl; and joined live by his crew: Chris Hartz (drums), Aaron Harrison Folb (bass/synthesizers), Giuliano Pizzulo (guitar/synthesizers), Pete Cafarella (synthesizers) and Ray Suen (guitar/synthesizers).

The band currently has 5 albums--2 of which are EPs:
  1. Chunk of Change (EP) - released on September 16, 2008 - 6 tracks
  2. Manners - released on May 18, 2009 - 11 tracks
  3. Gossamer - released on July 24, 2012 - 12 tracks
  4. Constant Conversations (EP) - released on September 24, 2013 - 4 tracks
  5. Kindred - released on April 21, 2015 - 10 tracks
With the release of Passion Pit's debut album, most of the songs were picked up for media campaigns and advertisements. That's when the band slowly created a niche in the music industry. Campaigns and advertisements kept on coming and the band started touring. 

photo from The Window

However, in 2012, the band canceled the remainder of its July performances. It was then announced in a blog post from the band's official website that Michael Angelakos, lead singer, said, "I am going to take the time to work on improving my mental health.". Michael was diagnosed with bipolar since he was 17 and had been receiving therapy, hospital care, and medication ever since. Two days later, it was revealed that Michael was on suicide watch.

Photo from Mind Over Metronome

On March 4, 2013, it was reported that Michael has been recovering and was set to perform at Madison Square Garden--which was sold out, by the way. Fast forward to 2015, Passion Pit has released a new album "Kindred" with a more positive sound and lyrics to it. The song "Lifted Up (1985)" by the way, is about Michael's wife (sorry, girls), Kristy Mucci, being there for the hard times. I even read somewhere that it was Kristy who saved Michael from committing suicide. Thank God, Kristy. And oh, FYI--1985 was Kristy's birth year.

And now that many fans and followers of Michael Angelakos and Passion Pit were really upset with the cancellation of all his upcoming shows, we could really use some happy thoughts and music, right? Here are my Top 10 Passion Pit songs to cheer me as well as other Passion Pit fans out there.

1. "I'll Be Alright" - Gossamer

"I'll be alright
I'll be alright"

2. "Ruin Your Day"- Constant Conversations (EP)

"And I never thought I'd hear you say
Don't let your worries ruin your day
Don't let your worries ruin your day"

3. "Better Things" - Chunk of Change

"Baby, don't be unhappy
Baby, don't be sad
Better things are coming
I swear there's truth in that"

4. "Lifted Up" - Kindred

"Now the rain and the thunder are clashing
The Sun's got a smile 'cross the face"

5. "It's Not My Fault, I'm Happy" - Gossamer

"I know that it's always something
I'm just working with what I've been given
It's not my fault, I'm happy
Don't call me crazy, I'm happy"

6. "Smile Upon Me" - Chunk of Change

"There's a place in this world
Where people like me are found by people like you
So find a place as this forever divine"

7. "Where The Sky Hangs" - Kindred

"It goes up, it goes down
It goes any way the wind would like to throw it around
I was lost, now I'm found
I put my hands in the air and my knees to the ground, yeah"

8. "Little Secrets" - Manners

"let this be our little secret
no one needs to know we're feeling
higher and higher and higher
higher and higher and higher"

9. "Take A Walk" - Gossamer

"I took a walk
Take a walk, take a walk, take a walk
Take a walk, take a walk, take a walk, (oh-ah-ohhhh)"

10. "Carried Away" - Gossamer

"I get carried away
Carried away from you
And I'm hoping and I'm praying
Cause I'm sorry, sorry about that
Sorry about the things that I said
Always let it get to my head"

Cheer up! Let's just wish Michael Angelakos to recover as soon as possible and that they reschedule/set a new show here in the Philippines. Fingers crossed! ;)