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New Year, New Planner | Starbucks 2017 Planner in Coffee Stains (Big)

Starbucks 2017 Planner in Coffee Stains (Big)

A new year always signifies a fresh start, new chances, opportunities, and a whole lot more. For some though (including me), they take advantage of this day to plan their whole year. With that, a nice and functional planner definitely comes in handy for planning and organizing your year.

October of 2016, I got myself a Belle De Jour Planner (click here to read more about it). I was so looking forward to the new year because I can finally start planning then. Yep, I only write in my planner before or during January 1.

A few days before Christmas day though, the boyfriend surprised me another planner (because he was actually the one who got me my BDJ 2017 planner and the year before that): something I never thought he would give me–a Starbucks planner!!!

Kaya pala he was bugging me the entire time I was on my way home. 'Yun pala, he's cooking something. "Tingnan mo yung ilalim ng table," he said. Wondering why, I looked and then I smiled. He really never fails to surprise me. :)

It did not even cross my mind that he got me a planner from Starbucks because his sticker was left untouched and forgotten already. So anyway. He knew how much I adored the mermaid design so I was really expecting to see that when I opened his present for me. Watch the video I took below:

So it wasn't as I expected, but the Coffee Stains design still caught my eye (even though I don't drink coffee). Don't get me wrong, I love how girly and organized my BDJ Planner was. It's just that with this one, it's more simple; minimalist. And I love that about it. Plus, more space for my notes (Sorry, BDJ)!!!

Below are photos of the Starbucks 2017 Planner in Coffee Stains (Big)

Starbucks 2017 Planner in Coffee Stains design (Big)

Erasable Pen

Starbucks Coffee pouch

Starbucks 2017 Planner in Coffee Stains package

So here's to a better and more organized me in 2017, and more coffee to drink, yes?


  1. Over rated planner, it's a status symbol really. Been collecting since 2008, and now prefer more professional-looking planner.

    1. Well, that is true though. People tend to flock whenever they hear it is limited edition. However, the planner isn't that bad. You can try bullet journaling if you're looking for a more professional one! 🙂


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