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Belle De Jour (BDJ) Fair 2016

BDJ Fair 2016 - October 16, 2016
Yep, the event happened October of last year, which is just several weeks ago, okay. But I forgot to blog about it so I'm putting it all here and sharing my fun experience at my first ever BDJ Fair!

BDJ Fair 2016 with my Sister!

I've been a Bella for 3 years now and it's just so fun because the planner itself is more than enough. However, for those years, going to the annual event did not even cross my mind. After attending the fair, I immediately thought, "What was I thinking then??" Well, allow me to show you through the photos I took during the event. After all, this isn't a photo dump if I don't post tons of them here. LOL.

Free entrance

The people behind BDJ is fun like that, they're treating everybody to a free entrance! However, those who purchase a VIP pass get to enjoy every activity there is in the fair; as well as a guaranteed seat to the pep talks.


Discounts and even freebies were also given to Bellas who pre-ordered online and got to pickup the merchandise at the event itself! As for me, I got myself the 2017 BDJ Planner in Leather with a free Sharpie and a Calendar Pad which was sold for only P100 instead of its regular price of P250!.

Various activities

Here are my top 5 favorite activities from the event!

 1) Lynelle 3-Minute Hair Challenge

(Full video of me accepting and winning the challenge!)

So as the contest name suggests, the challenge is to put on a full set of hair extensions within the time limit of 3 minutes. Winners will get a hair extension worth P900! A full set includes (1) 22-inch, (4) 16-inch, (1) full fringe. Lynelle / Kiera Hair Extensions, by the way, is owned by Actress-turned-Entrepreneur Jennifer Sevilla.

2) Flawless roulette

Get a freebie just by spinning the Flawless wheel!

3) ETC Photobooth


Take a photo at the event, use ETC Channel's hashtag and have your photos printed in an instant!

4) Wacoal Memory Game



 Pair two matching designs of underwear and win!

5) Keds Photobooth

Post your version of a flat lay and qualify for a free photo booth!

Other fun activities:


BDJ Talk with Maxene Magalona

BDJ had several other guests for the talks but we only stayed for Maxene's.

Snippets here:

Photos here:

Freedom Wall

What better way to cap off the event than to commemorate this day and write on their freedom wall, right?

Sorry for having lots of photos, my sister happily took them all, thus all these. Lol

Take home:

So I only went there to pick up the things I bought but look! I ended up having all these things! Lots of freebies and activities, I must say--I surely had fun.