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TMH Playlist | 04/17

TMH Playlist: 04/17

Halfway through April, I posted a spontaneous playlist dedicated to mellow or soft-sounding songs. I know I committed myself to post a playlist per month, but treat this as a bonus. I'm still posting my playlist for April so, yay? :)

By the way, The Chainsmokers' newest album called "Memories...Do Not Open" dropped on April 7th, so a huge chunk of this playlist is from the EDM duo.

Here are my favorites:
  • "Memories...Do Not Open" by The Chainsmokers - The songs from this album are surprisingly good. But it sounds different from their first few singles that were really EDM-heavy like "Selfie", "Kanye and whatnot. It's similar to Taylor Swift and Paramore's transition where you can clearly hear the difference for every album.
  • "Oceans Away" by Arizona - three words: PERFECT FOR VACATIONS
  • "Hard Times" by Paramore - Sooooo Paramore is back with a new single, and with a returning band member, Zac Farro as the drummer. Your move, Josh Farro!!!
  • "September Song" by JP. Cooper - I know it's not September, but the song is really catchy so, yeah.
  •  "It Was Love" by LANY - Their newest song!!!
  • "Blow Your Mind" by Dua Lipa - When I heard this song, I actually thought it was Katy Perry because of that whole voice. I did not know Dua Lipa then and I really believed it was Katy Perry's song until I was notified about Dua Lipa's exclusive media showcase which will happen this May. Jeeez. (Wait for my post about it!)
There you have it, TMH's playlist for the month of April! More playlists coming soon. :)