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TMH Playlist | The Slowdown

TMH Playlist: // The Slowdown //

I'm not usually into mellow or soft-sounding songs (especially acoustics, except if it is really good) because like the sleepy person that I am, I will definitely be a) sleepy; or b) fall asleep. So I tend to gravitate towards music with fast/strong beats and catchy tunes. However, since the Holy Week gives us ample time for us to reflect, relax and whatnot, I came up with The Slowdown. It's unplanned and totally spontaneous since I've yet to finish my playlist for April, but here it is anyway.

If you're wondering why I am making these playlists, you may want to check the first post of this series.

So just a little background story about this, I made this in one sitting and just a few minutes. I wanted to listen to some good music, but I still want to respect how solemn this season is. There you go. 100+ songs or 7 hours and 31 minutes to be exact, to make you relaxed and maybe sing a few songs...

For these posts, I won't mention my favorites like what I usually do for the TMHplaylist series. Instead, I'll give you the highlights of this playlist:
  • The Fray - Because their songs perfectly sum up this playlist. In fact, when I was just thinking of doing this, they were the first artist on my mind. How can you just skip "Over My Head", "You Found Me", "How To Save A Life" and "Look After You"?
  • Oh Wonder - After The Fray, they literally popped up in my mind. I first found out about them at last year's GoodVybes Music Festival. That's where I got to listen to them first too. You may watch theirs, Passion Pit's, Chvrches', and a lot more here. Oh, my personal favorites are "Without You", "Technicolour Beat", "Loving You", and "Body Gold".
  • The Script - With Danny O'Donoghue's powerhouse voice and the band's painfully written songs, how can you resist? "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" will always be my favorite song from them.
  • John Mayer - BCZ OBVSLY
  • Ed Sheeran - I did not like him before, because I felt he was overhyped by the people around me. The guy is definitely talented, no doubt. But I wasn't just a fan... Until this playlist. At least I have an excuse to like him now because of this playlist. I only included a few songs though, and mostly from his album, +. Listen to know what songs I picked!
  • Bruno Mars - With a voice and talent like that will definitely not be missed. Included here are "Talking To The Moon" and a few others.
  • LANY - Like what I said before, they are more than just one song (ILYSB ehemmm). Listen to know which songs I picked!
  • Jason Mraz - Our childhood favorite "You and I Both" and a few more songs are also definitely included.
  • And various other songs like - The All American Reject's "It Ends Tonight", The Cab's "Endlessly", Bleachers' "Rollercoaster", Augustana's "Boston", James Morrison feat. Nelly Furtado with "Broken Strings", Grimes' "Entropy", and a whole lot more.
This playlist, although meant to be mellow, is a mix of Indie, R&B, Pop, and probably almost everything under the sun—but don't you worry, the whole purpose of this playlist is not lost with all those genres. It's not only perfect for this lent, but it's also perfect for road trips, chillin' by the beach or when you're doing some house chores. ;)

So stay tuned for my April playlist! But for the meantime, you may want to listen to this and let me know if I missed some songs via the comments section, yeah?