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Escape to Camarines Sur, Bicol 2017

Bicol 2017

During long weekends, I wish I am somewhere, traveling, like everybody else. However, since I'm getting older, my body, my mind and unfortunately, my wallet (because I'm saving for something) is asking for a timeout. A time to breathe, relax, reflect and most importantly, sleep. It's almost May, but sometimes I feel like it's September already, due to the number of things I need to get on top of. But it's okay because I like it that way. I'd rather that, that than an idle mind.

Anyway, so since I'm just at home during the next few days of summer (probably), here's a throwback post to satisfy my wanderlust: our Bicol escapade just this January.

We were on the road for like 13 freaking hours. We left Manila at 7:30 am and then arrived at Naga at 8:30 pm more or less, so we decided to spend the night at a hotel there on our first day.

The next morning (day 2), we went straight to my Mom's hometown in Tigaon, Camarines Sur. We visited my beloved, one and only Lola at their home talked a lot and took photos.

Wearing one of my comfiest shoes for this long trip!

My favorite Bicol specialty made by a Bicolana in Bicol--Laing!

Lolo & Lola love

We spent a whole day at my grannies' home and then the next day, we went for a long drive to Albay.

Route for day 3

The first stop for day 3: Daraga, Albay!

The aftermath of consecutive typhoons

On our way to Daraga, we passed the municipality of Sagñay. Unfortunately, due to the consecutive typhoons, we saw lots of fallen trees, even on the road.

We also passed this nice view...

And saw this carved hugot line that says, "Manloloko kayo ga lalake". LOL.

And so the long drive continues...
We stopped briefly at Embarcadero, Legazpi City to take a few photos...

Next stop is Pacific Mall Legazpi to buy some food and check out what's inside the mall.

Then, after lunch, the long drive continued... An hour later, we're finally at Cagsawa Ruins! The entrance fee was Php 10-20 per person. A very small amount for a view that's worth several times than that.

Souvenir shops near the entrance

Mommy looking like a bohemian LOL

Unfortunately, since it has been raining, the Mayon Volcano was covered by thick clouds and fog. And because of that, we weren't able to try riding the ATV since it was muddy and slippery.

Lola waiting for us

We ended day 3 with a long ride back to my grannies' home, which was a good 2 and a half hours. Went home straight to clean up, eat and then sleep.

As for day 4, we started our day with us visiting my Lolo's grave.

You are loved and always remembered, Lolo. We miss you.

We then went to Tinambac to chill and eat with our relatives.

This little boy was just so giddy all throughout! I miss him. :(

By afternoon, we drove to see some more relatives.

The long drive did not even make this little guy tired!

The day ended with all of us being tired because of all those long drives. However, we're happy because we got to spend more time with our beloved Lola, and my Mom's relatives. Plus, I got to enjoy life in the province too! 

Sometimes, living in the city can get you stressed and burned out from all the hustle and bustle. But with this trip, I got refreshed because we got to be with our relatives, especially my Lola and most importantly, we got to breathe fresh hair for almost a week. Sure, the travel time is hella long, but the destination was truly worth it. Will I go back again? Absolutely. Definitely. Without a doubt. Over and over again, because I get to see my Lola. :)

 Here's to more travels this 2017, yes?