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Red Ninja Year 8 Fest 2017: Typecast, Hilera, Jensen and the Flips, and more

Red Ninja Year 8 Fest

It was my first time to be a part of Red Ninja's event, and to my surprise, I enjoyed it! I love concerts and gigs even since I was in highschool. But since I live in Cavite and my parents were so strict, that just did not work out for me. At least until a few years ago, since I became independent.

Ever since I moved out of my parents' home, I was able to watch more shows–all without worrying about a curfew. And also, beer. If the latter just didn't do it for you, I don't know what will.

Sorry for posting this, sister!

Anyway, I was a Red Ninja virgin noob. I did not know what to expect, except for the lineup. Heck, I didn't even know an anniversary event such as this exists! And for 8 years now, at that. The event was also held in B-Side located at the deeper side of Makati. Not only was I a Red Ninja noob, but I also was a B-Side noob!

By the way, here's the lineup for the event:

Red Ninja Year 8 Fest lineup

I've loved Typecast and Hilera since high school, so I definitely did not want to miss this. Plus, Jensen and The Flips and SUD are two budding (if not already big) OPM bands to adore and sing along to.

Red Ninja Year 8 Fest 2017 Videos:

Red Ninja Year 8 Fest 2017 Photos:










Bottom line: Despite being elbows to elbows with sweaty and tipsy people and a host who kept on blabbing about sexy time, Red Ninja Year 8 Fest was fun and music-filled purely OPM event. I rarely go to OPM events, but with how much fun I had here, I would definitely do it again. I've yet to try going to gigs tho, especially at Saguijo and 12 Monkeys!


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