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Keri Hilson Live in Manila 2018 at Cove Manila

Keri Hilson Live in Manila 2018 at Cove Manila

It has been eight years since Keri Hilson’s last album, “No Boys Allowed.” Yet her Filipino fans still love her and her music as if it was just yesterday.

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Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Keri Hilson was known for her famous hits such as “Pretty Girl Rock”, which was probably every girl’s anthem back in 2010. She also collaborated with different artists like Kanye West and Ne-Yo for “Knock You Down”, Chris Brown for “Superhuman” and “One Night Stand”, Timbaland for “The Way I Are” and “Return The Favor”, TI for “Got Your Back” and the list just goes on!

So for the first time ever, Keri Hilson held a show in the Philippines at the newest and biggest beach club and nightclub, Cove Manila.

We got at the venue hours before her show started and we saw a lot of eager fans waiting for Keri Hilson’s much-awaited performance. The show may have started past 1 am, yet the crowd was nowhere near exhausted.

In fact, everybody was happily waving their LED light sticks and screaming as Keri Hilson makes her way to the stage!

She started the night with “Gimme What I Want” followed by “Turnin Me On” and I swear, the pit area was one of the loudest I ever heard that night.

Keri knows how to entertain her audience. Apart from her superb performance, she actually engaged with the crowd every now and then. Even asking where we came from. She then said she came from Atlanta, Georgia, home of her friends Ciara, Usher, and Outkast.

“It was a long 27-hour travel to be here to see you guys. So, what I need you to do, because I traveled so far, all the way from Atlanta, Georgia just to see you lose control!”

Keri Hilson then sang her heart out to “Lose Control”, followed by “Slow Down.” When “The Way I Are” started, everybody just lost it. Most especially when “I Like” followed immediately after!

When it was time for “Energy”, almost everyone was already singing along with Keri. The same went with “Got Your Back” and “Knock You Down!” It was as if It’s 2010 again!

After “Knock You Down”, Keri thanked everyone and made her way to the exit. But she was stopped by DJ Mix Master David saying, “Keri. You have to do that song!” and she goes, “There is this one song that I could do.”

Then “Pretty Girl Rock’s” intro played and stage fireworks and screams dominated Cove Manila. We were singing every lyric at the top of our lungs. We’ve waited almost a decade for this moment!

By the near end of the song, Keri Hilson brought five girls on stage to help her out with the song.
“This song is about how pretty you feel on the inside, yeah? So why don’t you do it now, show Manila how pretty do you feel ladies!”

And wow. What a way to end the show. It was only a 45-minute performance yet we were left wanting for more. Especially since I was expecting for “Superhuman”.

But anyway. She still performed some of my favorite songs growing up. In fact, after this show, not only did it give me LSS, I also loved these songs even more. Definitely one of the most memorable shows I’ve ever been to.

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Special thanks to Cove Manila.


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