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LANY Live in Manila 2018: Thru These Tears (Paul Klein Crying), the Crazy Crowd, and Malibu Nights

LANY Live in Manila 2018 | Thru These Tears (Paul Klein Crying), the Crazy Crowd, and Malibu Nights

It's just been almost a week since LANY's newest album "Malibu Nights" came out, yet it already hit platinum here in the Philippines. In fact, just earlier this year, the band had a two-day sold-out concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum and gave a tease on their newest album. Paul Klein even sang his heart out, all while crying on stage (I got that on video). Missed the show or want to relive it? Then read on for exclusive photos and videos!

LANY Live in Manila 2018 Videos:

ISo last April 5 and 6, LANY returned to Manila for the third time. I was fortunate enough to secure two VIP tickets on the first show before it got sold out in like 10 minutes. I definitely could not miss it for the world. I've missed their Wanderland show already, which I regret so much, so I made sure to not miss their mall shows in Ayala last 2017. I went to Greenbelt, Market Market!, and Trinoma. 😅

Fast forward to 2018, the band returned to Manila with the same awesome songs, aesthetics on fleek, Paul sporting a new 'do and wearing his recent heartbreak with Dua Lipa on his sleeve. It was actually just almost three months when the fans were shocked to find out that Dua Lipa has left Paul Klein for her ex, Isaac Carew. 

And since her single "New Rules" was a smash hit, people couldn't help but use her song as a reference to their breakup:

As much as it was a laughing stock to many, it was devastating for poor Paul who was left clueless as to why Dua left him just like that. So when LANY went back to Manila for a show, everybody was in full support of Paul. The audience showered them with their love and full attention. However, we can't blame Paul for being the precious but fragile one that he is.

During a stripped off version of Hericane, Paul burst into tears. In front of the audience. Poor Pauly... I swear, I saw some fans cry with him. Some were even cursing Dua Lipa for what she did to him... 

That's why I wasn't any bit surprised when I heard the lyrics to Malibu Nights. It was obviously full of heartbreak (but with amazing melody), and wondering why the heck she left him for another guy. But on the brighter side, Paul and the band were able to release such beautiful pieces. The process was painful, but in the end, the outcome was bliss. Their album is topping charts after charts here and abroad even without a full week yet. So, kudos to you guys. Especially to you, Paul Jason Klein. You did it. You made Taylor Swift, Adele and Sam Smith (and of course, us fans) are proud for coming out with something genius from a very painful experience.

I hope LANY comes back next year to perform Malibu Nights. Hopefully in a much bigger space, like the MOA Arena. And that Paul wouldn't cry then because he's in a much better state now. (Hi, Nicola Anne Peltz)

LANY Live in Manila 2018 Videos:


LANY Live in Manila 2018 Photos:

Listen to "Malibu Nights" here:


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