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Bang for the Buck: Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset Basic in Black

Bang for the Buck: Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset Basic in Blac

Working in retail means you need to talk to several people in a day including suppliers, store people, and your colleagues. And with the launch of wireless headphones like the Apple AirPods, using my old EarPods suddenly felt very inconvenient, especially since I've switched to Android with my Huawei P20 Pro. And at times when I'm on the go, like visiting stores, going on buying trips abroad and whatnot. Also, don't you find it annoying when the wires get tangled despite having cable organizers? Thankfully, I found the solution to my problem, without breaking the bank—wireless headphones!

Finally, Xiaomi Philippines has opened its first store here in the Philippines, which is in Trinoma. But, it wasn't only until they opened a store in SM Megamall that my husband and I took an interest because of the variety of their products. From mobile phones and accessories, watches, laptops, dash cam, bags, shoes, luggage, to electric bikes and scooters, to home appliances like rice cookers, smart kettle, smart vacuum (I'm so wanting to own one!), TVs and even air purifier, which I also dream of having (but unfortunately, it's always out of stock!).

Xiaomi SM Megamall Grand Opening price list

Xiaomi SM Megamall Grand Opening price list

So while checking out the store, I saw the Mi Dash Camera (P 2,990). We eventually got it as a gift to my Dad-in-Law for his birthday. It's got good specs for its price, so it's a really good deal. And then I came across the Mi Bluetooth Headset Youth Edition—Xiaomi's Bluetooth headset! You'd think it costs about a thousand bucks, but no. The price? P 490!!! Not even P 500! More bang for your bucks, indeed.

However, it's only for a piece (as compared to AirPods which costs P 8,990 for a pair). But I don't mind, because it's very lightweight, super affordable and it works for me. It also comes with three pairs of Plus, I love the color black! I think AirPods only come in white, too. Although I may be wrong.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset Basic Photos:

What I love:
  • Affordable
  • Very lightweight (6.5g)
  • Sleek and simple
  • Volume buttons (which does a lot!!!)
  • Play/pause music and play next/previous song
  • Accept, reject and transfer calls
  • Free three pairs of earbud which come in three sizes for a comfortable fit
What I dislike:
  • Average sound quality when listening to music (but what can you expect for P490)
  • Very short cable for charging
  • It's only a piece. I wouldn't mind paying for more if it comes in a set. I can't even buy two pieces, because the other one wouldn't work. I hope they sell it as a pair next time.
Would I buy again? Yes! Would I try other Xiaomi products? HECK YES! Innovative and up-to-date products without my savings suffering. Although I hope they improve their allocation and re-ordering system. As a Merchandising professional and a customer, it bums me that most of their high-value items such as the purifiers are always out of stock (sayang ang benta, mumsh) and that when you ask their sales representatives, they don't know when they will restock. Worst, they don't even know what's arriving. I really really hope they can improve in that aspect because we really want to buy the Air Purifier. And a whole lot more actually. Just a friendly tip! 😅


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