Sunnies Specs: Just a hype or worth the swipe?

My Sunnies Specs kit

It's been more than 5 years since I started wearing prescription glasses. Last year, my 6th pair gave up on me, which isn't surprising. The longest pair I've had lasted for almost 2 years, and I had to upgrade the lenses twice, because I can barely see. LOL. It was my only pair which did not break, but since my eye grade jumped at least a hundred, I really have no choice. The thickness of my new lenses will not fit my current frame, so yeah.

My favorite pair of specs

I found out about Sunnies Specs. Thought I'd give it a try, so here's what I think about the brand.

P.S., This is an honest review and not a sponsored post. I bought this with my own money.

Spot my Sunnies Specs!

You see, I started with a 25/50 vision, which lead to a whopping 350/375 today. It did not come as a surprise, since my work requires me to face a computer for almost 10 hours a day, plus I spend several hours on my phone every day too. With that in mind, I need to invest in a new pair that can address my continuously-changing-eye-grade.  

Sunnies Specs @ SM Megamall

Sakto, back then, Sunnies Specs was beginning to have a huge following. After a mental debate with myself (I weighed my options), I finally decided to give the brand a try and see what the hype was all about.


So just a brief introduction: Sunnies Specs promises a flat rate* for their prescription eye wear. For just P1,999, you get yourself a stylish pair of prescription eye glasses plus a free eye checkup. You can also choose to add an upgrade: either screen safe (blocks blue light), ultra-thin, photochromic or transition lenses which comes in specific prices.

For those who has astigmatism like me, it's still P1,999 if your astigmatism is 250 and below.

My Sunnies Specs kit


"I want to avail a pair of Sunnies Specs! But how?" 

Simple. Just go visit a Sunnies Specs branch near you. Have your eyes checked by their resident eye doctor, choose your preferred frame (you can check their website in advance. They are also accommodating in online inquiries!), pay and then wait for your specs to be ready for pickup.


If you had your checkup before lunch time, you can usually get it late in the afternoon if the store has a stock. Otherwise, you can get it the next day; or Monday, if you ordered your specs during the weekend. Just don't forget to present your receipt to claim your fresh pair of specs.

They accept payment in cash/debit, credit card or both.


It's that easy and affordable too! Because usually, eye glasses costs a lot, especially for someone like me who has astigmatism.

What do I get with my P1,999?

If you avail of the basic package which costs P,1999, your specs come with a case and a special fabric to clean your lenses. However, upgrading the lenses will cost you extra.

So I chose Cam in Ink, which is a "semi-rimless metal round frame with a subtle cat eye feature".

I instantly fell in love with this design when I saw it on Iza Calzado during the famed and uber cool #SpecsParty. I have a square-shaped face same with Iza, so when I saw it looks good on her, I knew it'd look good on me as well.

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 Is it just a hype or worth the swipe?

What I like about Sunnies Specs apart from affordability, is style. Despite its relatively low price as compared to other big optical shops, they still provide modern and stylish eye wear that will suit the vast majority. They also offer several lens upgrade as mentioned above, which is great for people who are feeling ~*extra*~ as well. Lels.

So yes, to me, the basic package of P1,999 is worth the swipe! Although it's a bummer that upgrading the lens will cost you at least P1,700, which is almost the same price as a basic package...

Oh, by the way. Sunnies Specs is brought to you by the same IT team behind Sunnies Studios: Georgina Wilson, Martine Cajucom and husband-and-wife Eric and Bea Soriano-Dee.

"Baka naman hindi maganda yung quality, kaya mura." you say?

To be honest, I was skeptical at first. The brand was new. It was affordable. The frame I chose was the thinnest I've had ever since. And especially since a day after I got my glasses, it broke! I was just cleaning my lenses when it snapped. I attributed it to the way they adjusted my specs. I asked to have  it adjusted because it was tabingi when I first wore it. Little did I know na it would break my specs. 😅

At work, I was panicking, because we were in the middle of a strategic planning with my team. But since I can barely see, I immediately went to SM Megamall, where I bought mine and asked to have it replaced. So when I got there, they were very accommodating. They agreed to replace my frame, especially since I got it less than a day after. Tapos sira agad.

Natuwa naman ako, kasi inasikaso nila ako. And catered to my needs, especially since I was really in a hurry to go back to work. This, despite having several customers to attend to. So 5 stars for the customer service! Friendly, attentive and service-oriented. As a proof, here's the video.

The verdict: 

Sunnies Specs is stylish, modern and functional, all while being affordable (mostly). The customer service is impeccable too. As for the quality, I can say that it's definitely worth more than my P1,999. Got my Sunnies Specs last November and as of now, it is still in tact and in good condition. 

To my surprise, this is one of only two eye glasses I've had that actually improved my eye sight! When I first bought this pair, my eyes were at 350/375. But when I had my annual physical exam February of this year, results said I now have 250/275 and in less than a year of wearing this! However, I'm still wearing my previous grade as per the advise of my doctor, since my eyes got used to it, so she won't require me to wear a new one.

What are your thoughts on Sunnies Specs?


  1. Hi. Thanks for your review. This ks helpful since I'm planning to purchase from Sunnies. I just jave a question though, did you upgrade your lense to Screen Safe? I am skeptical to be honest. Aside from it's pricey, I've also read other reviews that it is prone to scratches and blurry. Thank you ��

    1. Hi Pau! Like you, I did not opt for a Screen safe upgrade because it's too pricey at 5k, I think. If I were to spend that much, I'd go for Crizal na. Also, you only get to have one upgrade. The frame I chose won't be able to support my thick lenses (because my eyegrade is high), so my priority that time was the Ultra Thin. :)

    2. Hi Trina! How much is the upgrade to ultra thin? I'm afraid kasi that I'd be spending much more than what I usually spend on the glasses even though the base price is significantly lower. :(

    3. Hi Trina! How much is the upgrade to ultra thin? I'm afraid kasi that I'd be spending much more than what I usually spend on the glasses even though the base price is significantly lower. :(

    4. Hi Bernard, I forgot the exact amount I paid for the ultra thin lens upgrade. It's P1,500, I think. :)

  2. Lucky you. They replace your glasses asap. Yung akin wala png 1 month ko ginagamit biglang ng pop yung frame tapos tumalsik yung lens T_T while I'm walking.So tendency ngkasmall crack yung lens. I brought back my glasses immediately sa Sunnies Specs megamall medyo hirap pa ko nun kasi walang wala n ko makita. I've been waiting until now kung macocover ng warranty yung glasses ko na dapat oo since it's not my fault naman. I'm kinda disappointed how they talk to me that night. Medyo mataray and medyo rude. Tapos until now wala p ding feedback.

    1. Awww. Sorry to hear that. Back when I purchased mine kasi, okay pa sila. Medyo naging mainstream na kasi sila now, and perhaps the quality of their service has changed... May I ask if may update ka na sa warranty mo?

  3. Any comments on the longevity and durability of the frames? I had mine since November last year and the frame feels a bit loose on my head now. Slippy na siya sa bandang ear. If this goes worse I am afraid I might resort to buying expensive frames instead, kasi sure na durable and long-lasting.

    1. Hi Chris, honestly, when I saw all of Sunnies Specs' frames, mostly looked like they're made in China (which most of it is) na hindi ganun ka-duarable. That's why I made sure na yung frame na kukunin ko medyo makapal and durable yung material. True enough, to this day, matibay pa rin yung frame ko kahit na nababasa siya. Baka nasa gumagamit at paggamit lang talaga...


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