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beauty by freyja: The New Destination for Beauty | beauty by freyja review

beauty by freyja: The New Destination for Beauty | beauty by freyja review

As if Sephora, BeautyMNL, and BeautyBar are not yet enough, the beauty gods have blessed us, beauty lovers, junkies, and alike with beauty by freyja or simply freyja (pronounced fre-ia).

Why I made the switch to OWNDAYS Philippines | OWNDAYS SNAP Review

Why I made the switch to OWNDAYS Philippines | OWNDAYS Snap Review

It's been almost a year since I switched to OWNDAYS, yet recently, I was just reminded of how good of a choice it was. I've worn eyeglasses since I was in 4th year college (7 years ago), and this brand, by far, is the best. Read on to know why plus a review of the OWNDAYS SNAP and its lenses.

BeautyMNL Haul - October 2018

BeautyMNL Haul - October 2018

The Christmas season is indeed in full bloom, thanks to all the sale events in stores and even online. Earlier this year, I've decided to adopt a Minimalist lifestyle. Therefore, I have limited all my purchases to only my needs; and my wardrobe in mostly blacks, grays and navy blues, decluttered and more. When it comes to spending, I only buy something when I really need it. So as a recovering impulsive shopaholic, I always have to argue with myself if a certain purchase is worth it. However, last October 29, I gave in. Because BeautyMNL recently had 20% off everything! How can I refuse that?

Shopping On A Budget | How To Save Money On Clothes Shopping

I love shopping. Is there anybody who doesn't love or at least enjoy shopping? I bet no one, especially if given the money. Of course, anyone would love to shop and buy all the desires of their heart right? But some people do not have the luxury to shop til they drop. So for someone like me who loves shopping, it's always handy to be practical and wise in doing so. 

Read more to know how to dress fashionably on a budget!

Sunnies Specs Optical: Just a hype or worth the swipe? | Sunnies Specs Review

My Sunnies Specs kit | Sunnies Specs Review
My Sunnies Specs kit | Sunnies Specs Review

It's been more than 5 years since I started wearing prescription glasses. Last year, my 6th pair gave up on me, which isn't surprising. The longest pair I've had lasted for almost 2 years, and I had to upgrade the lenses twice because I can barely see. LOL. It was my only pair which did not break, but since my eye grade jumped at least a hundred, I really have no choice. The thickness of my new lenses will not fit my current frame, so yeah.

Oh My Bag PH: Because A Beautiful Bag Makes A Beautiful Day

Oh My Bag PH - Because A Beautiful Bag Makes A Beautiful Day!

To be honest, I'm not so much into expensive bags. I prefer simple designs which costs more or less than Php 500 and are usually sold in bazaars. Why? Because apart from it's made here in the Philippines, these are affordable yet durable ones. I've had 3 of them and until now they are still in good condition! Whether it's under the blazing sun or the heavy rain, my things inside those bags are perfectly fine. I forgot what material it is, but it's definitely not faux or synthetic leather (you'll know what I'm referring to when you read more of this entry). These are rubber-like materials which makes it easier to clean and maintain and also, affordable! 

So why exactly am I saying those things? It's because I recently found out about Oh My Bag PH which provides Bag Care products and accessories to add oomph and care for your bags, no matter how much it costs. 

How to Earn Money from Shopping Online Through

I’m not going to lie, I love shopping. I mean, who doesn’t, right? Especially now that shopping is made easier. People can already shop at the comfort of their home anytime and anywhere using a laptop/desktop computer, tablet or phone with an internet. Ahhh, the convenience online shopping brings. But apart from convenience, do you know that you can also earn money from shopping online? Yes, my dear reader, you read that right! Let me show you how in the next few paragraphs.

Sale Alert | 11.11 Singles Day Sale at


Hey fellow Shopaholics! Don't you just love a good deal? I do - just too bad we don't have our own Black Saturday sale here in the Philippines where everyone gets crazy shopping just about anything. Well, fortunately for us,, has their 11.11 Singles' Day Sale! Full details in this post!

The BeautyMNL experience - 1st and 2nd order review

My first BeautyMNL  package!

After 4 months of being MIA--I'm baaaack! I've just been busy being an adult the past few months and boy it's hard. I have been juggling my 9-7:30 PM work, my Mom's and my business plus my personal life. I'm only 24 years old but gaaahhh. Being. An. Adult. Is. Hard. Anyway, here I am blogging (while watching Ricki and The Flash, 2016), to share my very first shopping experience at BeautyMNL.

Sale Alert | The Big Nivea Sale - 50% Off your favorite Nivea products from April 14-18

Photo from Nivea Philippines' Facebook page

It was only after lunch time when I found out about Nivea's 50% off sale through my colleagues at work. Turns out, they spent part of their lunch time to shop for Nivea products that were on huge sale! That's why when they all came back at the office, they've got plastic bags full and only of the brand. Can't blame them though, LOL. So of course, being the beauty junkie/banidosa lady that I am, I wouldn't miss this. During our afternoon break, my friend and I went to the nearest grocery to score these items for 50% off! Yes, Nivea items are now only half the regular prices! But only until Monday, so hurry, go forth and hoard! :))

My Duty Free Philippines Makeup Haul | MAC Cosmetics & Evian

My Duty Free Philippines Makeup Haul (from left to right):
Evian Facial Spray, MAC Cosmetics Foundation Pump and lipsticks

Duty Free Philippines have always been (mostly) the OFW and his/her family's go-to for pasalubongs whenever one arrives back home here in the Philippines. It's conveniently located inside or at least near the airports, so whenever one forgets, or just impulsively thinks of buying anything, you just drop by at their store.

To the New Year and New Beginnings

Happy New Year, everybody and welcome, 2016! While 2015 has been a good year, of course, we'll always look forward to the new year simply because for most of us, it is an indication of a new beginning; another chance; opportunities and possibilities that life has to offer. I don't know, but for me, the new year is always a good motivation for me to look back and evaluate myself like, knowing my strengths to maintain and improve and of course, my weaknesses so that I will know what to change and also improve to make myself better.

"Good shoes take you to good places."

A pair of shoes from Something Borrowed
A pair of shoes from Something Borrowed

You know the saying, "Good shoes take you to good places". I don't fully believe in that because most of the time, "good shoes" have "good prices" too, and by "good prices", I mean expensive. I'm more of a practical shopper--I may be impulsive at times, but I never buy something that's beyond my budget if I know that I can find the same item but with a cheaper price--that's my mentality. I love shopping branded items, yes--but I only shop when it's on sale for at least 40%. I also love shopping in tiangges because that's the best place to find good and unique items at a lower price and you can even haggle!

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