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On Piano Collections

I think I might want to go back to my piano lessons. Yes, I did have piano lessons as a kid. I have always loved playing the piano. When I was still a kid, I think by the age of 5 or 6, my granny has different kinds of instruments at their house. Drum set, Piano, Electronic Keyboard, 2 Electric Guitars, and a Bass Guitar.

The piano and the electric keyboard were my favorites. One time, as I was walking inside the house, I noticed the electric keyboard. I kept on staring at it. Then, hindi na ko makatiis. I asked Mom if I could try it, tho I don’t even know how to use it. I started touching it. Mom left me then. I was alone with the keyboard.

I tried playing it. Filling sounds into my ears, I’ve enjoyed it. To the point that I don’t wanna leave it. I was playing it already, after I’ve figured out how it works (it also comes with a melody in it, habang tumutugtog yun, pwede mo sabayan ng pagpindot), I become fond of playing it. To my surprise, my Lola was watching me. She was very happy to see me playing the keyboard. I stopped because I was soooo shy. She told me, “O? Bakit ka huminto? Ituloy mo lang. Ang galing mo.” I was so happy to hear that from her. My Lola is good at playing the piano. My family from my Mother’s side is good at music. All of them could play different kinds of instruments, and all of us can sing well. I could never forget that moment I’ve had with my Lola when I first played the piano, she was there. She even told Mommy how good I was and my Mom praised me for that. That was just my first time, that’s why they encouraged me to play the piano. :)

At school, I was also playing the piano. It’s like, the piano and I was inseparable. I was a consistent and original member of the Glee Club at school. I dance and sing. There are 2 pianos at school and I’ve loved playing them. Even on our Music Class, I was active in playing it and since then it has become my passion, and Mom bought an Electric Piano for me and my sister. Since then, I am always playing the piano. But the sad part, ever since I went to high school, I’ve never touched our electric piano again. Until now. I miss playing it. Sad, because it was one of my passion, aside from singing and dancing. But now, I fear that I don’t know how to play it again. When Mom asks me to play for her, I say no because I’m afraid I forgot how to play it. I don’t want her to know because I know she’ll be disappointed. She has always been my number one fan. From singing, dancing, writing, and playing the flute and piano. But now….. :(

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