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10 goals for myself

One night, when I wasn't able to sleep, I've thought about things. Things I want to change to be able to apply to myself...for the better. So I came up with my "10-point-goal for myself" and here it goes...

Some alone time at the library

Yes, what happened today was a bit unexpected. First off, I went to school today to pass my case analysis for my OJT. Though the deadline was the next day, I decided to submit it today since I've got plans. I decided to go to school with my sister after lunch. Her next class was still at 3:45 pm, so I asked her to just be with me before her class starts. She insisted that we should go to the library because her friends were there. I agreed, in one condition--if she'll sit with me instead of her friends. 


And this is how I've been spending my days--BOOKS.
I’ve been spending a lot of my time at the office by reading. What do you expect from sitting in the same chair all day wondering what to do. What else to do since I’ve done all my task for the day.
I’ve read Nicholas Sparks’ A Walk to Remember and The Notebook, and just this morning, I started re-reading Stephenie Meyer’s Eclipse. I still got a week more at the office and I’m running out of novels to read. Time to go book hunting, I guess.

If the shoe fits...

Magkusa kang magpaliwanag,
sasabihin, defensive at guilty ka.
'Wag ka magpaliwanag,
sasabihin pa rin, guilty ka.

Mabuti nang manahimik,
wag na lamang pansini't umimik.
Hayaan na lamang sila dumada ng dumada,
hanggang sa lumawit kanilang mga dila.

Di maintindihan, kasi di pinapaintindi?
Kung gusto talagang maintindihan,
noon pa sana'y nagtanong na
kung ano man siyang problema.

Mabuti nang manahimik.
Ipag-walang bahala, mga may saltik.
Nakatipid pa ng laway at kuryente,
kesa masayang sa pagpapaliwanag,
kakapaintindi sa mga taong
sarado ang isip sa katotohanan
at puro na lamang kababawan,
siyang pinaghuhugutan.

Puna. Puna. Puna.
Puro na lamang mga puna sa nakikita,
maski di naman karapat-dapat.

Nagkulang daw nang itinimbang.
Bakit, ang inyo ba hindi?

'Wag mainis.
Di ako nagmamalinis.
Sadyang ugali mo'y lihis.
Di makuha sa magandang bihis,
ugali mong marungis.

Walang nagbago,
nauntog lamang sa bato.
Nagising sa katotohanang bakit ganto.

'Wag tamaan, yaring mga bulaan.
Di ito garapalan.
Walang personalan.
Pawang kaisipan lamang.

From straight to curly hair

Bakit kapag wavy/curly ang buhok mo, nagpapa-straight ka.

(the obligatory before-and-after photo)

Tapos kapag straight na ang buhok mo, magpapa-kulot ka naman.
Bat ganon? LOL.

Organizational Development | What I learned from class

Organizational Development  What I learned from class
Organizational Development  What I learned from class

So we had this confrontation earlier this afternoon after our exam for Organizational Development. A serious one, I can say. Some of us were even shouting, then ended up crying. What happened earlier was quite intense. This has happened before among us. Whenever one’s being too much to handle for the 5 of us, we’re having this “confrontation”.

On Piano Collections

On Piano Collections
On Piano Collections

I think I might want to go back to my piano lessons. Yes, I did have piano lessons as a kid. I have always loved playing the piano. When I was still a kid, I think by the age of 5 or 6, my granny has different kinds of instruments at their house. Drum set, Piano, Electronic Keyboard, 2 Electric Guitars, and a Bass Guitar.

What God made me realize

What God made me realize
What God made me realize