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Some alone time at the library

Yes, what happened today was a bit unexpected. First off, I went to school today to pass my case analysis for my OJT. Though the deadline was the next day, I decided to submit it today since I've got plans. I decided to go to school with my sister after lunch. Her next class was still at 3:45 pm, so I asked her to just be with me before her class starts. She insisted that we should go to the library because her friends were there. I agreed, in one condition--if she'll sit with me instead of her friends. 

Since I wanted to pass the time, I went to the library, I decided to entertain myself with a good book. I headed straight to the literature section and chose to look at Philippine Literature books. A certain book caught me. It was small. Smaller than any other books near it, but wider than them. The book was entitled "The Woman Without A Face". I thought it was a novel. But when I got to sit and got a good view of its cover, the whole title of the book was "The Woman Without A Face, The Lifestory of Pilar Pilapil" by Pilar V. Pilapil.

I was born early in the 90's so I recognized her. Especially since she's been on the news like just last month? Because of the car incident thingy.

Judging by the cover, her story is extraordinary. I've heard stories of her from my parents, because Pilar Pilapil, was indeed an icon during her time. 

When it was time for my sister to leave for her class, I was just starting to read through the life of Ms. Pilar. I can't get enough, honestly. That's why I decided to just stay at the library and finish the book myself. Even if it means being alone. Even if it means going home by 5 pm. I told my sister I'll just wait for her to finish her classes at the library and we'll go home together, and she agreed. Then I continued reading the book.

Here are some of what's inside her book. 

For me, it's a good read. I've also learned that she is a Born-Again Christian now, and as a fellow Born Again Christian, I was enlightened with her life experience. "Maybe God did allow this to happen. Maybe He has a message for me that's why I was reading her book", I said to myself. Because indeed, the book has a lot of messages. Read it for yourself so you'll know what I'm talking about.

The bottom line is that fame, money, and men will not really satisfy you nor give you the happiness you've always been wanting. Most people nowadays think that they can be happy if they have fame alongside money, then eventually women or men with their side, but no. One day, you'll finally realize that it's not all you've been waiting for. You'll feel that something's been missing all along. You'll start looking for it. But it's Jesus all along. He's what you've been missing.

That's why even though you've got fame, money and men/women with you, you'll still feel empty. Start looking for God. Find Him. Return to Him, for I guarantee you that Jesus is all you'll need. 

After you've found Him in you, fame, money and men/women will all be nothing to you. For with just Jesus alone, you are already contented, happy and loved unconditionally. 

On a different note, here are some of the photosI took earlier at school. I kind of missed the environment, you know. 

Photos were taken at the Botanical Garden at school. It was my first time to actually be there ever since it was built...