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10 goals for myself

One night, when I wasn't able to sleep, I've thought about things. Things I want to change to be able to apply to myself...for the better. So I came up with my "10-point-goal for myself" and here it goes...

  1. Control my temper--I think that the past months, I became too irritable/temperamental, to the point that I think I am just overreacting to things which then causes my bad mood (na I think ako lang din ang may kasalanan).
  2. Do not hold a grudge against anyone--This is one of my problems for myself. I can forgive, but I can never forget; most importantly if I got enough of it. As much as possible, if I can adjust to a negative situation/person, I will. But once I lost my patience for something which is just too repetitive yet nothing good happens and it continues to hurt me more, that's when my anger boosts up. Even after years have passed, I can never forget that specific bad thing you did to me and the hurt and anger that I felt because of it. Kaso lang, ako lang kasi ang nahihirapan e. Hindi naman yung mga/taong yun.
  3. Forgive easily--People make mistakes, even I do. I just hope to forgive that quick--to people I know who deserves it.
  4. Sleep earlier--Ever since my internship ended, I noticed I am always sleeping late. Even though I am getting at least 8 hours of sleep, I still want to change my habit of sleeping late in the evening. Or worst, I tend to sleep by 12-2 am. Now that classes are about to start again, I really need to adjust by body clock.
  5. Do not be late--Ever since I was in kindergarten, I really find it difficult to wake up early in the morning. I am usually awake at night and asleep in the morning. That's one of the reasons why I am usually always late... Whether be it on school, at work, or any meeting/appointment. Ugh. I badly need to change this.
  6. Prioritize--I think I really need to be better at this. I have to.
  7. Focus or be more dedicated--I also need to be better at this...
  8. Exert more effort/NO to laziness--The previous semester, I can say that I have been really lazy. From school, from work, even from household chores and all that. I do notice too that laziness has been getting into me, and I know that it's bad that's why I need to stop being lazy. He even said that my laziness was a turn off to him. -.-"
  9. DO NOT EXPECT--This is one thing I use to tell myself but still, I always do it unconsciously. It's like, the more you tell yourself to don't expect, the more you expect. It's like, expecting that you, yourself won't expect anything at all. Ugh, the irony. I hate it. Basta, DO NOT EXPECT!!!!!! That's it.
  10. Be more optimistic--I think of myself as an optimistic person. But sometimes, I think I don't really am. Just like Paramore's song "For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic". Optimism is a good trait, I've proven it. It's just that, I need to be more optimistic... It's healthy.

Well, there goes my so-called "10-point-goal for myself". I really do hope I will be able to do this for myself, and most importantly the people around me, because they too, get affected by the way I behave. No matter how many times I say how sorry I am to them who I know, were affected and annoyed by my negative traits, it won't change the fact that things were already said and done... What I can only do now, is to change it.