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Movie Marathon | How Do You Know + Final Destination 3

I thought today is a good day for a movie marathon since the weather's too nice to just lay in bed all day. But unfortunately, I woke up around 1 am already, that's why I wasn't able to watch movies before lunchtime. 

Anyway, after eating my late brunch, I asked my sister if she'd want to watch movies with me on my laptop, and she said yes. I've been into chick flicks ever since this year started, that's why I've been downloading a lot of romance flicks lately. In fact, I've already lots of them. :))

First movie: How Do You Know (2010), starring Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd, and Jack Nicholson.

It's a story about the athletic Lisa which meets someone like Matty, who's also an athlete. Lisa has just been cut from the national softball team. There's George, who has been accused of something from the company he's working for--which is owned by his Father. Lisa and George are both in an attempt to find romance. While Lisa and Matty are getting steady (since Matty just offered Lisa to move in with him in his place), Lisa finds herself confused--if she wants what her ex-teammates wants after their career in football--marriage and babies someday. She then finds comfort in George (the troubled businessman), which then leads to the conflict with Lisa and Matty's relationship.


I dislike Lisa's character in this movie. The paasa type. The feeling of being in love is new for a popular athlete like Matty. So imagine how hopeless romantic he could get. And Lisa on the other hand is somewhat unsure, plus a nagger. She just kept on nagging to her boyfriend Matty. I find it really annoying--just saying anything, and not controlling your words; words that may hurt your partner. Tapos, kapag nagkakaproblema sila ni Matty, kay George siya pupunta. Samantalang siya din may kasalanan sa pag-aaway nila ni Matty. WTF.

For someone like Matty, it's the first time he actually falls in love with a girl, that's why he asked Lisa to move in with him. It's because for him, Lisa might be the one, and he's determined to be serious with her--giving her an expensive watch as engagement jewelry the night of Lisa's party in Matty's place. Since Lisa found the comfort she needs with George, she had no idea that she has actually fallen for George, until George asked him to leave her party and follow him near the bus stop. This man George is in trouble for being accused of something which he did not--his father did. 

For someone like Lisa, if she is not sure of what her relationship will be with Matty, she really should've agreed on moving in his place. Because the guy, Matty, is expecting from Lisa. Something like, the relationship will work. If she isn't sure of what she wants, she really shouldn't have Matty hanging.

For someone like George, being a friend to the opposite sex isn't bad, as long as he knows the limitation; as long as the intention is just pure friendship, and not something more than that. If ever, the guy has fallen for the friend who's already in a relationship with another guy, he should respect that. He should remain as a good friend, and not want for something more than it.

It's like the movie has an impact on me. If I were Lisa, I would've just stayed with Matty. Matty's a good guy (not that George isn't). A hopeless romantic who would do anything for Lisa. But oh well. People are different. Lisa and I are not the same, that's why probably she chose George and left Matty after he gave the engagement watch. Haha. Oh well.

After watching the movie How Do You Know, Final Destination 3 naman is being aired at TV5, although it's dubbed in Filipino, and gore-ish scenes are not shown, which makes the movie oh-so-boring. What's Final Destination 3 if there's no gore? Haha. But of course, they have a valid reason for not showing it. A lot of kids will be watching that's why they need to screen out the scenes from the movie.

Another day at home with movies: