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Movie Marathon | Disney Movies Part 2: A Bugs' Life, Aladdin, and more

Done watching these four Disney Movies! In order: A Bug's Life, Aladdin, Mickey's Christmas Carol, and The Little Mermaid! I was really determined to finish most of my movies before this year ends since I am on vacation too. This is the follow-up post to Nostalgia: Disney Movies Part I. These are my appreciation posts for Disney Movies, and how I feel so nostalgic every time I watch one! :)

First movie: "A Bug's Life" (1998)

Dot is soooo cute. :">

These three little chicks remind me of my sister's love for hens and its chicks. :">

Second movie: "Aladdin" (1994)

Awww. I also want to have a tiger as a pet!!!

Although I know it will cost me a lot plus I need to train it pa so I wouldn't be its meal. 

Aren't they so sweet? :">

Third movie: "Mickey's Christmas Carol"

This movie only lasted for about 25 minutes. :)

Fourth movie: "The Little Mermaid" (1989)

Ariel did a lot of singing. Well, of course, she's a mermaid; and mermaids are known for having a good voice which lurks fishermen to where they are.

The Little Mermaid really is one of my favorite Disney Movies. The movie shows how much one loves another and because of that, she is willing to give up everything she has. Ariel's a princess. She has everything a normal mermaid could ask for. But still, she thinks it isn't enough, just because the man she truly loves is not with her. 

Love truly conquers all. That's proof how much love can be so powerful. It's just a good movie. :"> And oh! How I love the songs too. Most especially the famous "Part of Your World"~ Everything rhymes, yet it all makes perfect sense. LSS tuloy ako until now.... :)

Oh well. As of now, I am still watching Disney movies, so I assume that there really is a follow up to this post. Watch out. ;)