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Movie Marathon | Eclipse (An appreciation post)

Just before the year 2011 ends, I would like to post these photos. Well, another appreciation post, but this time, about The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. For me, this is I guess the second or third movie I liked from the series. Well, the first one goes to Breaking Dawn of course (if you've watched it, you'll know why). Anyway, here are the scenes I've liked from the movie Eclipse...

Although Bella was just wearing a wig, I think she still looks good. Though it
would be better if she'll just keep her mouth closed most of the times...

This. :))))

Oh Jacob... :">

Well, I just liked the flowers, that's why I am posting it.

The ring is beautiful. <3

Awww, cuddling. :)

Flesh, and blood and warmth.

Charlie's reaction was epic. :)))

Bella looks so proud that she punched a werewolf in the face. Meh~

"But I was young. I was in love with the idea of love."

I can totally relate to this scene. Now that in 3 months time, I'll be graduating already. :')

I want to have a pet as big and as cuddly as this. Please.

:"> :"> :">

"But every choice has its consequences."

Ang pogi lang dito ni Edward Cullen. KTNXBYE

What a gentleman. :"> Too bad Bella's the aggressive one.


Shining, shimmering, splendid.

Literally and figuratively hot. :">

Umuusok na yung ilong ni Edward. HAHA! Habang
F na F naman ni Bella yung dibdib ni Jacob.

Some unexpected guy-to-guy talk.

...with a girl who's half asleep. 

Ganito pala magusap yung mga lalaki noh.

It's just so sweet of Edward. So understanding. :">

Well, one thing I hate about this movie is Bella's aggressiveness plus the fact that she kept "flirting" with her best friend, even though she has a boyfriend and is soon to be married. The eff, Bella. 

Anyway, I've been thinking of a year-end blog entry, but I still got no ideas. For the meantime, I guess I'll just clean up and organize my things first to welcome the new year well for me. Advance happy new year! :">