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Movie Marathon | "One Day" (2011)

Last Sunday (December 25), I've blogged about the movie my Sister and I watched together--"One Day" starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. Although it didn't show us a happy ending, it did give us a lot of realizations. I can say that this too, is a good watch. I've captured some of the scenes in the movie, and you might want to check out some nice words from this chick flick. :)

Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew got to know each other after graduation, and even before, you can see how much Emma likes Dexter. But they never had the chance to have a "serious" relationship because the two are both good friends. Besides, Dex is a happy go lucky guy who loves playing around with all his girlfriends.

It took both of them 20 years to finally get to each other, and realize that maybe they should try a serious relationship. But as for me, I won't do what they did--letting those 20 years pass. No way. If I love someone, I will pursue him. I won't waste any time nor chances. Hey, it's love. I'd rather risk it all trying, than not and regretting why I didn't sooner or later.

Well, this movie's nice. They are both in London, and I love the fact that Emma is a writer and they both speak with British accent! Hoho. Oh. It also showcases that a good relationship can only be built with good friendship first. It also shows that a guy and a girl cannot be just friends. Especially for a friendship like this! Anyway, I can't say that it's one of the bests or that it is included in my favorites. Oh well. Just watch it for yourself. :) And, you might want to check these screen caps first. :)

"If I could just give you one gift, all right, one gift for the rest of your life,
do you know what I'd give you? Confidence."

"I love you, Dexter. So much. I just don't like you anymore.
I'm sorry."

"Everyone loves you, yeah? But they love you in that ironic
love-to-hate kind of way."

DEX: Look, Sylvie, I know I'm not good at all this,
you know, dad/husband thing.
SYLVIE: You're doing fine Dexter.
DEX: No, and I know, if you had a receipt, you would have
taken me back a long time ago....

"I don't want your phone number, or letters, or postcards.
I don't want to get married to you.
Definitely don't want to have your babies.
Whatever happens tomorrow, we've had today.
And if we should bump into each other sometime in the future,
well that's fine, too. We'll be friends."

"Yeah, right."

"Be reckless. Live for the moment!"

"...because you're better than you know."