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The Secret Garden (An appreciation post)

The Secret Garden (An appreciation post)

Who does remember this hit Korean TV series called Secret Garden? I do. My sister and I went gaga over this series, that I even downloaded it! Although I wasn't able to finish downloading all episodes because dang, it'll take me some time! Thanks to my Hubby for giving me the complete copy of this series with English subtitles, I got to watch it's the last episode before it even air on Philippine primetime (GMA 7). :">

Well, JSYK, this is an appreciation post for the hit Korean TV Series--The Secret Garden. :)

What reminded me of Secret Garden? It was last night, when I was deleting unwanted files here in my laptop when I came across a folder named "Pending" dated September 2011. I can't remember what's in there, so I hit the enter button and voila. I saw and remembered I have all these screencaps from The Secret Garden

More than 3 months ago, I've been so much into The Secret Garden. So much, that I even took screen caps, and made a few GIFs out of it. Most of it, were already posted in my Tumblr blog, and actually gained several notes. But what I'm sharing here now are those screen caps that are not posted. These screen caps were ready to be posted, but it just happened that I forgot to. Hahaha! In fact, I've got lots of them in my other folder that I also forgot to edit and post, so I decided to just delete them. Who else would appreciate it aside from me--the show's over.

Alright. Here they are...

"You shouldn't refuse a woman who comes to you, nor stop a
woman from leaving you. You should be thankful to the one coming,
and even more thankful to the one leaving."

"When a woman tries to attract a man's attention,
they like to use their wet hair and the smell of shampoo.
It's strange. You could have just washed your face.
Why did you wash your hair?"

"As if. Do you think I can beat a girl? And I wanted to say this all along.
And now's the perfect time. So listen well. This outfit is really expensive."

This scene..... :)))

"But why's a pig a pig? It's a pig because it has a lot of meat.
But why are you eating the skin instead of the meat?"


BASAG. =))

"I'm sorry"


I wonder why he always wear a track suit...

He looks so funny, but he is actually serious. :">

...but he can also be THAT sarcastic. Annoying, at times.

I wish spending money can be my hobby too.


Gayshit. :)))

Alright, this ends my appreciation post for The Secret Garden. I do hope there'll be more unique Korean series like this. Not like those others like Jewel in the Palace, Dong Yi, and stuff like that.