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Zooey Deschanel Movie Marathon | Part I: Gigantic

Well, I am done watching all the Disney movies on my list, that's why I am watching chick flicks again right now. Yipeee yay! And on my first chick flick for this year 2012..... *drum roll please* is one of Zooey Deschanel's movies--Gigantic! The leading man's face is familiar, since he also starred in the movie I've watched November 1 of last year which is the Girl Next Door. :)

Late last year, I was sooooo into Zooey Deschanel especially with her new series--New Girl on Fox. That's why when I told myself I'll be watching chick flicks again after Disney movies, I immediately though of researching Zooey's movie.

In this movie Gigantic, well, it's not the really "wholesome" Zooey we use to see, since her role (Happy Lolly) went naked on a pool scene (pero syempre, not close up, so you can't barely see the details of her body here) with a guy named Brian Weathersby (Paul Dano) whom she just met a few days before, because Happy paid for the mattress her dad bought. I can say that her character here is aggressive since Happy asked Brian Weathersby if he has any interest in having sex with her (photo above).

"Do you know women are 20 times more likely to be depressed than men?
Maybe more. Can't remember the exact number. It's a lot more."

DAD: "I'm going to the back doctor today."
HAPPY: "Ok."
DAD: "I need you to drive me."
HAPPY: "No way."
DAD: "I'll give you $1000"

~Darn it seriously, $1000 just for her to drive his dad to the doctor?!!! Mother father. xD

"...he wanted a baby, a Chinese baby for that matter."

"He told me he loved me. Yes... sort of. And I sort of love him.
But now, I'm gonna y'know commit myself fully to this, ok?"

"Some of the most important decisions we make in life are done in
a matter of minutes, even seconds. It's your life. Do as you will."

"Women, present company excluded, are liars, thieves,
and a categorical waste of time and resources."

"I just have so much I wanna tell you."

"Never met anyone like you. I'm just so fucked up.
I don't have a real job... Never had a boyfriend...
Never really been in love. It's just a lot. It's too much."

"I feel like shit. I am shit."

As of now, I'm done downloading 5 Zooey Deschanel movies (of course except 500 Days of Summer since I've watched it a couple of times already), and I am now watching the second, so... I'll keep you posted about the next Zooey movie. ;)