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Zooey Deschanel Movie Marathon | Part II: All The Real Girls

Last month, I've blogged about how much I wanted to watch Zooey Deschanel's movies or what I call my "Zooey Deschanel Movie Marathon". I've been a fan of her for quite some time now, so that's why. Hmmm. I've been quite busy the past few days, I forgot to blog about the second movie I've watched last month, so allow me to blog about it tonight, even though it is a bit too late. :p

JSYK, the first chick flick I've watched this year is a movie starring Zooey Deschanel entitled "Gigantic". It is also the first movie/part 1 of my "Zooey Deschanel Movie Marathon".

So I've watched this movie entitled "All The Real Girls" starring of course, Zooey and the cute Paul Schneider (How is he related to Rob Schneider anyway?). Well, I find the summary of this film really intriguing, that's why I ended up watching it as soon as I got the time to. And yep, I was right: it is a good watch. Almost equal to that of her other movie--500 Days of Summer.

At first I was feeling giddy and all that, since the movie on the first few minutes of its running time is making me "kilig" and I think I can relate to the story. See, Paul (Paul Schneider) is some kind of a "bad guy"--smokes, drinks, plays around with girls (the movie even described Paul to be that guy who f*cked every girl in town), until he met Noel (Zooey Deschanel) who is really different from all the girls he's been with (considering the fact that she came from an all girls boarding school ever since she was 12). But there's one problem that's stopping them--Tip, Paul's best friend is Noel's brother. Tip, is the same type of guy as Paul, and as Noel's eldest brother, he doesn't want Paul for his sister. All things get twisted up when Noel went away for an occasion with her friends and came back with a very short hair and an unusual attitude, and a revelation that broke Paul's heart.... and changed everything that it is between them.

Really, the first few minutes of the movie's running time was a bit stereotypical--bad boy kind of guy (Paul) meets miss always-good-and-no-boyfriend-since-birth (Noel) and they both fall in love, but there's the brother to stop what's going on between them, since he thinks the bad guy will just break the heart of the good girl and f*ck her like what he did to all the other girls in town. It was all giving me butterflies in my stomach--the way Paul wanted to prove to Noel and everybody else that he's changed for the better and all; that he suddenly doesn't want to have sex with Noel because he loves her, that's why he respects her. I knew it was all to good to be true. And that's when irony came in, and twisted the story. When bad boy kind of guy became good, miss always-good-and-no-boyfriend-since-birth became a b*tch, and there you go. There's no happy ending, I guess, since the movie left an open-ended story. It's for us to judge, and I hate it. XD

It's when finally the bad guy thought he was finally doing the right thing with the right girl, but then the right girl made a mistake and tripped. I think she regretted immediately after. You see, I won't be spilling the details because I really think this movie's a good one, and I suggest you watch it for yourself. Here are some of the screen caps from the movie "All The Real Girls" starring Zooey Deschanel... :)

I find this scene really sweet, because Noel's shirt was small, that's why
he has to tuck it down so it wouldn't reveal her skin (tummy/back). :p

NOEL: Why haven't you ever kissed me?
PAUL: I am scared. Scared that when Tip asks me
if I ever kiss you, I'll have to say yeap.
NOEL: That scares you?
PAUL: Tip is my best friend. I don't want to mess with that.
NOEL: I don't want to be with somebody who is scared to be with me.

PAUL: Mostly, I don't want to be like, like when I kiss other girls.
NOEL: Why don't you kiss me right there? *shows palm*
I don't have to be like the other girls.
PAUL: Okay, where?
NOEL: Right there. *points to her palm*

"If he is so horrible, why are you his best friend?"

"I love music. Music makes me happy."

NOEL: Wait, can I say something?
PAUL: I am sorry.
NOEL: No, don't be sorry. I just want to say that...
I never have sex with anyone before. But I trust you.
PAUL: You trust me?

"Do you trust me? I make some ugly mistakes. There are most really ugly.
And anything... That will make you feel more comfortable for you to know...
I want to tell you that stuff... Because I care about... Because I care about you. A lot."

"I think that... I feel like... If everything that you have done before...
Makes you who you are now, then... No matter how... Ugly it is, I'm just going
to learn and deal with it because... Right now, it's you and me."

"You're the best boyfriend for me, and I know that... I am the best girl for you.
So... If you don't choose to say those things, I won't ask."


"I have learned that in a hard way. You cannot trust men."

"You're the first person that I want to tell that to. Because you're the
first person I want to talk to for more than 5 minutes... Ever."

PAUL: I don't want to have sex with you.
NOEL: Are you attracted to somebody?
PAUL: You're the best. Will you just sleep here with me?

"Don't try to correct something that you fucked up by saying I love you."
--Paul to Noel

PAUL: You know all of a sudden, I stop and this girl breaks to the surface...
This virgin breaks to the surface and she did the exact same thing to me.
FRIEND: She is a virgin?
PAUL: Yeah.
FRIEND: You mean you never did...
PAUL: Damn.

"I've been through 26 woman in my life."

NOEL: Bust-Ass said that...
PAUL: Don't tell me what Bust-Ass said. That's not even his name.
His name is Tracy.

"I'm just the guy who thought... He was finally
on the right track and making the right moves."

PAUL: Every single girl I've touched, I regret every night.
NOEL: What does that mean? Are you saying that... You think we should
just forget about each other? That's the saddest thing in the whole world.

"Well, I did what I did. It felt... Wrong. And that's when I realized that
I love you. You can't understand it but that's what I have found out."

"You know what? You're not allowed to hate me.
Because I am not going to let you."

"Nobody said we have to be perfect."--Noel to Paul

"I wish it didn't hurt with every thought of you. You have my heart."
 --Noel to Paul

"If there is a time in the world, there is time to take a chance..."

There goes my part II post for my Zooey Deschanel Movie Marathon! I hope you liked it as much as I did too, although I wasn't that much satisfied, but oh well. :) I'll keep this blog posted about my next ones! But for now, all I need to think about is my midterm examinations, soooo.... TTFN! :)