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Zooey Deschanel Movie Marathon | Part III: The Go-Getter

It's been like 2 months since I've watched and continued with my "Zooey Deschanel Movie Marathon". Blame my hectic schedule. Ha ha! Anyhow, here's the third movie I've watched, "The Go-Getter". 

Well, I find this movie kinda weird--considering the fact that when Zooey's car was stolen by this guy, she still wanted to communicate and know the guy more. Like, wtf? In real life, would you want to get to know more and be kind to the person who stole your car just for some long-driving purposes? Dang. But anyhow, this by far, is the least movie (from all those Zooey Deschanel movies I've watched) I've ever enjoyed watching.

To be honest, these scenes are the only ones I've enjoyed:

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