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Food-ventures: Project Pie Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

If you haven't heard or read about this place, then you've missed a great part of your appetite already, especially if you love pizza. Lol. Project Pie is a pizza parlor which follows your taste. Why? Because in here, your cravings are prioritized since you get to choose your own toppings for your pizza pie. Fun isn't it?



The best part is that you get to choose from a wide array of toppings! From cheese (they got like 7 kinds, I think), to meat (pepperoni, chicken, sausage, ham, etc etc!), vegetables, they got it. You even get to see how your pizza pie is created and sent to their huge oven! ;)

The boyfriend has always wanted to try this restaurant out, so finally, when we were really hungry after work, we both decided to have dinner at their branch in Shaw Boulevard, since this was just a few minutes away from my new place. When we got there, the line was quite long. The photo above shows only less than half of the queue, plus all the seats were taken. That only means the food here is indeed good! The place was jam-packed, that I have to look out for the people who are finished and about to leave the place just so I could save us a seat.

We were in line for about 30 minutes and we both were really hungry so we decided to get 2 pizza pies--one for him and one for me. That was how hungry we were!


When it was our turn, we opted for the flavor in their menu, since it was our first time. I chose numbers 2 and 5 and he chose 3 and 6--and yes, you can have two flavors in your pizza. You may choose two flavors--it may be your choice or from the menu and then they will be the one to divide the pie according to your choice of toppings. 

My pizza pie

Since we had two pizza pies with two flavors each, we switched 2 slices, so could try the 4 flavors we chose. It was like, 4 pizzas in one! And a pizza pie is also good for 4 people since it was that satisfying even though it was a thin crust.

Our pizza pies combined: 4 different pizza flavors!

The aftermath

It was soooo flavorful that what's left of our pizza pies are just crumbs and the forks. Haha. We were so happy after our meal that we agreed to come back. :)


Since we both loved our first time here, we did go back. And this time, we definitely chose our own toppings.

And again, we both went for 2 pizza pies--one for each of us and had 2 flavors each for our pies.

Meat overload!!!

Here's his DIY pizza. Meat and vegetables.

Here's mine. Chicken, pepperoni, and pineapple!

I love pepperoni and pineapple, so I made it somewhat Hawaiian. The other half was grilled chicken with barbecue sauce because I really love chicken. :)

The first time we went there was some time in October and then the second was last November. It was quite a long time now and we have not been back since because hey, it's summer. You wouldn't want to load up on all those carbs. Haha.

So since our last visit, things have changed. Project Pie now offers a Banana Nutella pizza pie, which I have yet to try and of course, they have opened 3 branches now: Eastwood, Alabang and the newly opened Macapagal Area.

It's much easier now to go have your DIY pizza pie right? So if you haven't tried this yet, what the heck are you waiting for, go get your ass and fly to the nearest branch now!!! :)