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DC Super Heroes Cafe Philippines | DC Cafe Megamall Menu and Review

DC Super Heroes Cafe Philippines | DC Cafe Manila Menu and Review
DC Super Heroes Cafe Philippines | DC Cafe Manila Menu and Review

My geek husband and I finally got to dine at the first ever DC Super Heroes Cafe at SM Megamall!

Brunch at UCC Clockwork, The Vantage Gallery Kapitolyo

Brunch at UCC Clockwork, The Vantage Gallery Kapitolyo
Brunch at UCC Clockwork, The Vantage Gallery Kapitolyo

Kapitolyo is one of the most popular gastronomic hubs in the country. Fortunately for us, we just live nearby so we get to indulge ourselves in good food from time to time, and even check out what's new before everybody else. Like the newly-opened The Vantage Gallery.

Food Trip | Sunnies Cafe at SM Megamall

Sunnies Cafe at SM Megamall
Sunnies Cafe at SM Megamall

I had my first wisdom tooth extraction earlier this weekend. It was actually the perfect time for me to do this because of the long weekend; more time to recuperate from the procedure, plus I get to eat my favorite comfort food, Mom's arroz caldo! The (bloody) process which took more than an hour, our patience and most definitely, my tooth and strength, was not something to look forward to. But the one thing I did look forward though, was my dentist's advise--to eat Halo-halo, ice cream, and more cold beverages and desserts! 

Food Trip | Breakfast at Juanita's Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Breakfast at Juanita's
#17 West Capitol Drive,
Barrio Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Yesterday, the boyfriend was supposed to meet up a colleague for work. And since they were going to meet at Kapitolyo, we decided to have lunch. Initially, we agreed on going to our favorite, Kanto Freestyle Breakfast. However, we then thought, why not try something new? So after Googling the best place to eat at Kapitolyo, we found out that Cafe Juanita was the best. We went there but when we arrived, Cafe Juanita was closed. Apparently they're only open from 11 AM to 2:00 PM, then 5:00 PM to 10 PM. That's why we opted to go to Breakfast at Juanita's which is just beside Cafe Juanita.

Subway celebrates their 50th anniversary with a Buy One, Get One promo!

Subway celebrates 50th Anniversary with a Buy One Get One promo
Photo from Subway Philippines' Facebook page

Sandwich lovers, hurray! In honor of Subway's 50th Anniversary, Subway Philippines is having a Buy One Get One promo today starting at 10 in the morning until 12 midnight at all their branches!

Food Trip | Lucky's Burger and Bar McKinley Hills, BGC

Lucky's Burger & Bar
Tuscany, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio Taguig City

Ever since the restaurants opened in Tuscany, McKinley Hill, I've only been up to a handful of restaurants like Banapple, SF Bistro, Bag-O-Shrimps and my recent addition to this seemingly growing list, Lucky's Burger & Bar.

Food Trip | Banapple at Tuscany, McKinley Hill


Ever since I became on the mid shift for work, I would wake up by lunch time, and have brunch (breakfast and lunch) past 2 pm. Sometimes even at 4 pm, so when I eat, I eat a lot. This Tuesday (October 7) though, it was another impromptu brunch date with the boyfriend. Sometimes, when we're running out of time to have brunch together (because he's also on the mid shift), he accompanies me to work, then I'll spend my one hour break with him. This time, we went all the way to Tuscany Estates at McKinley Hill. Although I work just around the area, it's still a few minutes of walk, under the blazing sun...

Food Trip | Plana's Pantry Mandaluyong


Ever since they started placing this billboard and their name just across where I live now, the boyfriend and I promised to try their food as soon as they open and as soon as we can. It was only a week ago when we saw that they are finally open! I'm talking about this super posh restaurant called "Plana's Pantry".

Food Trip | Zark's Burgers Taft Avenue, Manila

In photo: Zark's Ultimate Burger

I have been meaning to go at Zark's to try their famous burgers for quite some time now. So finally when we were around the area (we were in World Trade Center for a shopping bazaar), we decided to go there. After shopping, both of us felt the hunger and wanted to eat something heavy--so off we went to Zark's (Taft branch)! Because when in doubt, opt for burgers!

Food Trip | Project Pie Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

If you haven't heard or read about this place, then you've missed a great part of your appetite already, especially if you love pizza. Lol. Project Pie is a pizza parlor which follows your taste. Why? Because in here, your cravings are prioritized since you get to choose your own toppings for your pizza pie. Fun isn't it?

One cold and rainy day.

I woke up early this morning at 6 am because Mom's bugging me to go with her today. Yes, that early. I can't seem to get up because the weather was too comfy for me to resist. Mom grew tired of forcing me to wake up and go with her because I don't want to get up plus she told me that it was raining hard. I got up when she said she'll be leaving already, then I headed back to sleep. No breakfast. But I wasn't able to sleep immediately because the wind was so strong that it's making loud and disturbing noise. It's making me worried since it was raining hard also early that morning. But, I managed to get back to sleep because the weather was too nice. I love it. That's why I have to enjoy it. I woke up around 1 pm. That's when I ate my late brunch.