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Food-ventures: Slappy Cakes Manila

One holiday morning, the boyfriend was required to work and I wasn't. But I wanted to spend my time off with him, to make the most out of my day (cheeseballs) because I have been working a lot lately, that our time together has been compromised. We agreed to have breakfast together before he goes to work and finally tried this Make/Do-It-Your-own-pancake restaurant called "Slappy Cakes".

Slappy Cakes - Eastwood City, Philippines

Slappy Cakes serves breakfast food all day, and what is breakfast without pancakes right? But here, you can make your own pancakes with the ingredients that of course, they provide. It's fun because you get to put those creative juices of yours to work. Slappy Cakes originated from Portland, Oregon, USA. But they have expanded to Maui, Tokyo, Singapore, and Manila!

 These DIY-pancakes are made with only 4 easy steps. It's as simple as that.
  1. Choose a batter (buttermilk, whole grain, peanut butter, vegan, chocolate)
  2. Pick some fixins (chocolate chips, apples, mangoes, bananas, raisins, blueberries, chocnuts)
  3. Add some toppings (sauce/cream/spread: honey, creamy peanut butter, lemon curd, apple sauce, chocolate sauce, spring onion creme fraiche, whipped cream, maple syrup; others: bacon, sausage, chorizos, smoked ham, cheddar cheese, salted duck egg, assorted mushrooms, spring onions, white cheese)
  4. Love your Mom and have fun!

For my pancakes, I chose the buttermilk batter, banana, and Nutella!

While he got himself the buttermilk batter, spring onion creme fraiche, and bacon!

Now that you have your chosen toppings, you are probably wondering how the eff will you cook these delicious pancakes of your choice. Lo and behold I present to you their state of the art "pan" (???)" where you leave your shaped pancakes and wait for them to be cooked!

This is where the magic happens. Lol

After the staff opened the pan (???), you wait until it is hot enough and ready to work. It is a non-stick pan so you won't need cooking oil or butter anymore. Let's get those pancakes cooked!

Here's how you cook them: hold the batter container, then squeeze it until the batter comes out. What happens after that depends on your creativity--whether you'll let those creative juices working, or just stick with the normal pancake shape: a circle.

Unfortunately, my creative juices weren't working, probably because I was hungry already, that's why I only got to make this very special shape on my pancake--a heart. Hahaha. Hey, at least I tried and did not go for the default shape of a pancake--yet.

The only downside is that it takes a while for them to be cooked! Probably because I was trying hard to be really creative... Me cooking the pancakes took longer than me eating them! 

Here's my not-so-perfectly-heart-shaped pancake with Nutella and banana!

Come to think of it, I have never actually tried being creative of the pancakes I cooked--until now. It was definitely a first time, and a fun one at that! Pancake lovers like me, you all should try this. Eating, being creative and having fun all at the same time is truly possible!


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