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TMH Playlist | Begin Again OST


I previously posted about the movie "Begin Again" a few weeks ago, and until now, their official soundtrack still got me hooked. Who wouldn't?? With Adam Levine's influence (don't get me wrong, the guy can really sing!) plus a very unique sound that this album has to offer, I'm pretty sure you'll have the last song syndrome to at least one or two songs.

If you haven't watched the movie, I highly recommend you do, before listening. But if you're that curious, then might as well listen to it now, but prepare yourself for some major LSS while watching the movie! Like what happened to me, I was singing along to Kiera Knightley and Adam Levine while watching. That's one you thing you don't want to do though, because you have to appreciate every bit of the movie.

My top 3 favorite songs from this album are: (Warning: Potential spoilers ahead!)

1) Lost Stars by Adam Levine (Love this acoustic version more than the original version!) -- This is Gretta's (Kiera Knightley) gift to Dave (Adam Levine)

2) A Higher Place by Adam Levine -- This song was written by Dave while he was at Los Angeles, and was inspired by Mim.

3) Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home by Gretta and her band -- I love this because it's a fusion of indie, pop and punk rock--with the inclusion of Dan's (Mark Ruffalo) daughter, Violet's (Hailee Steinfield) guitar solo. It's such a feel-good song, and this is definitely one of my favorite parts from the movie. Such a feel good song. :)
A few trivia from this movie:
  • Hailee Steinfield is part Filipino and proud of it!
  • She (Hailee) even studied how to play the guitar for this movie, and she nailed her guitar solo!
  • Yep, Kiera Knightley can sing--duh.
  • It's Adam Levine's first full-length movie
Other songs from the Begin Again OST are:

You may listen to the official soundtrack for free via Spotify. :)