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Movie Marathon | Begin Again (2013)

Begin Again

It's been a while since I posted on this blog of mine, so allow me to share my thoughts about this movie I just watched yesterday/last night--since it took me and the boyfriend a while to finish this, because we decided to watch it while on their way to his sister's birthday celebration.

So, let's get down to business. If you've been listening to the radio or if you're using Spotify app to listen to music--and have come across the Top 100 Songs playlist, chances are, you also came across with this new Adam Levine song entitled "Lost Stars". Since it's good, it leaves you wanting for more, and wondering and asking "What album is this from?"

This song "Lost Stars" is from the movie "Begin Again" starring Kiera Knightley, Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine (it's his first full-length movie, by the way). It's a story about music, and two people growing apart from each other. While watching it, it reminded me of 500 Days of Summer. Not that their story is exactly the same, but when you've watched the latter, then watch Begin Again, I think you'll get what I mean.

Let's not forget about Mark Ruffalo, ladies and gentleman because he plays a huge part in this not-a-movie-about-a-love-story kind of thing. I found his character very amusing. Despite his so-not-perfect life (in fact, he just got fired from the independent label he created), he still manages to see life better through music. This movie shows how powerful music is, how it greatly influences your life and what it does to you. Here's the trailer, if you haven't seen it:

And yep, Kiera Knightley sings! I love how cool her voice is, and all the songs in this movie! It's that feel good kind of melody (indie) with depth in its lyrics. I was so happy with what Dan (Mark Ruffalo) created--thanks to his magical ears for music. One of the things I love from their music is the violin and the cello. Gives the songs a different kind of feel and a refreshing twist. My favorites apart from "Lost Stars" are "A Higher Place" by Adam Levine and "Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home" by Keira Knightley. Click here to listen to the original soundtrack via Spotify.

Here are the top 5 reasons why I love this movie:
  1. It's a movie about music, and/or the indie genre
  2. London and the British accent!
  3. Their official soundtrack (who wouldn't??)
  5. Some people say it's a love story, but it's not. 
Well if those things still don't make you want to watch Begin Again, I don't know anymore! Kidding aside, please do watch this movie, then listen to the OST. It's good, plus Adam Levine's really hot. ;)