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Full Hair and Makeup at Vivere Salon, SM Megamall

What: Full Hair and Makeup
Where: Vivere Salon, Megamall Branch
Price: Php 1,500

December was the month for all the annual reunions, Christmas and Year-End events. In my almost two years in my current company, it was my first time to experience the annual Year-End event, because as part of their drive to help the victims of Yolanda, the company decided cancel the event and instead, donate the event fund to them. It is the company's biggest, and most-awaited event every year, that's why I took it a little bit seriously and had my hair and make up done. ;)

Originally, I planned to just do my make up--because I want to be able to practice my makeup *~skills~* plus, I have trust issues with having my makeup done by other people aside from my Mom (talk about having your makeup done for graduations, and graduation pictorials--I was never really satisfied with their work, hence me learning to do my own makeup).

I did not know that having a full hair and makeup requires setting up an appointment with the makeup artist! And that since it was December already, every salon is packed! Literally every single one of them, especially on a weekend. I was fortunate enough that I am currently living in the metro, that's why salons are just in every corner. However though, I still wanted to go to Megamall because there are more choices there.

I've been hearing about this salon which specializes in styling your hair. The salon is called Blo Blow Dry Bar, and they have a branch in Megamall which is just nearby! The results are really beautiful plus the price is quite affordable (price starts a little bit over Php 500). They also offer the hairstyle I wanted to have for our Boho-Chic themed year-event: the waterfall braid. However though, they do not have a makeup artist available for that day, because like I said earlier, I should have scheduled an appointment a few days before...

We went to every single salon in Megamall that offers hair and makeup and all of them were packed. Our concern is the time since it was almost 4 pm already (the event starts registration at 6 pm), and most salons do not know how to do the waterfall braid. Fortunately, one salon agreed to do my hair and makeup despite the number of people having their hair done inside. Thank you to Vivere Salon - Megamall for taking care of my hair and makeup!

     Step 1: Full Hair
(Product used for my hair: Schwarzkopf Professionnelle Laque Super Strong Hold hair spray)

My hair was done by two ladies. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask for their name.
The short-haired lady was in charge of the braid, while the other one assists.
Both sped up the process and reduced time spent to 30 minutes: blow drying and braid included!

Step 2: Make up

I had my make up done by Hector. I really loved how my make up looked!
He managed to finish my make up in 15 to 20 minutes, and he was very gentle too.
I was so amazed, I watched him the whole time to learn more tricks applying makeup.
Hector uses professional makeup products like MAC, Shisheido, Make Up For Ever, etc.
For appointments, you may contact him through this number: 0908 377 7327

Step 3: Final touch

After the makeup, Hector placed my customized headpiece on my hair
and used hairspray to strengthen the hold of my hair accessory.

The finished product:

I love my look! For this event, I was channeling the 2015 color of the year "Marsala".
I used my new MAC lipstick limited edition for my lips for added "oomph". :)

I was so impressed with Vivere Salon Megamall branch's services, that's why I will definitely come back next time whenever I have an event to attend to! Everything was so quick, but well done, especially the makeup. Although I would have preferred a thicker waterfall braid, then again they managed to do that hairstyle when nobody else could, so plus points for that. :)

If ever you have an event/s to attend to, guys, please do try out Vivere Salon's full hair and makeup for only Php 1,200. Do not forget to look for Hector for a very suave makeup! The price is also affordable because most of the salons in Megamall offers full hair and makeup for Php 1,500 up. :)


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