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Staycation: Hotel Amapola Rockwell, Makati City review

What: Casa Amapola
Where: 257 Amapola St., Palm Village, Makati City
(Estrella, EDSA side--take note because there's another Amapola St. near Buendia)

The boyfriend and I love having staycations for every major occasion like birthdays and our anniversary. This year, I made it a point to make it simple yet unique and memorable. I've had lots of plans in mind, like booking at a hotel in Tagaytay City or go somewhere north like in Antipolo. However, I came across this deal at MetroDeal. After thinking a lot of times, reading reviews online and failed payment transactions (Damn BPI for their on-and-off again online banking!), I finally booked it and guess what, no regrets.

Mirrors on the wall, just beside the staircase

What I liked about this bed and breakfast? Creativity is everywhere, but at the same time, it still looks simple--making it classy. There are paintings and mirrors everywhere, even near the staircase! When we came in, I thought we were in the wrong address, because the place doesn't seem to be a hotel or a motel, at least. It is a house, actually. But do not be fooled guys, because when you get inside the room, be prepared to be smitten.

Paintings and lots of vintage stuff all over the house

There are just so many paintings everywhere, I tell you. Some were even on the floor, like waiting to be pinned on the wall or something--because really, there are paintings and mirrors everywhere. Literally. But I love it! I love how it felt so homey and comfy despite having lots of decors, which I think kind of made the place smaller than what it actually is.

Queen room - Palomita Blanca

I think, we were supposed to be in the Vida Mia room (another queen room), but since their previous customer complained about the air conditioning, we were transferred to Palomita Blanca--which is prettier! I love how minimalistic, simple and classy it looks like. Just look at the photos:


Again, mirrors everywhere! Apart from this corner, there's another large mirror
at the other side of the room, and another one on the bathroom.

Somebody's enjoying the couch huh...

Behold, my favorite part/corner of the room:

When the sun just spreads light all throughout the room

I found this so cozy, perfect for reading a good book!

Huge Audrey Hepburn portrait/poster you guys!!!

Audrey Hepburn's portrait in the mirror...

And oh, just look at that white couch with fur!

The bathroom:

There's a chandelier in the bathroom!

And a painting too

It's small, yet cute.

It is near Powerplant Mall in Rockwell, yes, but unless you have a car, this is quite far, because if there are no pedicabs, then you'll walk for more or less than 10 minutes... 

You're welcome.

The deal, by the way, comes with free breakfast, but on weekends, you will be charged with Php 200 per day. They have wifi, hot and cold water, and cable TV.

Breakfast in bed: 

 They have continental and Filipino breakfast menu to choose from.
However, when I wanted Tuyo (dried fish) and Salted Egg, they do not have that...

All in all, the experience was truly worth it and felt so relaxed even though we didn't stay away from the city (haha). We just really enjoy staycations--regardless of the location. I paid a little less than Php 2,000, which is lesser than the original price of Php 3400! What a catch! Will definitely recommend this to friends and family, especially to those who will be staying in Manila for only a couple of days. :)


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