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OOTD | The New Black

Black and White outfit and Suede Boots both from H&M - OOTD
Top and boots from H&M Philippines

I have always been into the color black, ever since maybe high school (90's kids who grew up with punk/rock/emo music can relate. Lol). However, it was just lately when I finally admitted to myself that yes, black is definitely my favorite color. The reason why I have always suppressed my love for black is that it has always been related to evil--being the darkest color. People tend to have a connotation that black is associated with anything that's bad, dirty, emo, and pretty much anything negative! Well, I beg to differ. Now, I'm proud to say that yes, black (and white, actually) is my favorite color. In fact, it was just a few days ago, that I was able to finally say it out loud when a colleague asked me why I have a lot of black-colored things. LOL.

My outfit for a Friday night out at Bonifacio Global City

I'm not usually a skirt-y kind of girl, because my style has always been comfy. I don't like wearing stilettos, but I love boots with heels or platforms. For night outs, I usually wear dresses or a blouse and a skirt or shorts combo, then I pair it up with either flats or boots with heels. That for me is comfortable without compromising style. I've also embodied a bit of minimalism in my style, so aside from always having the colors black and white in my outfit, expect me to wear something simple, but again, not compromising the style. Less is more.

Outfit details: (Top to Bottom)

Anchor Silver Necklace

Black and White Aztec Knitwear with faux leather sleeves from H&M (Php 300)
Brown leather belt (Gift from Mommy)

Black bondage skirt (Php 100)

Brown purse (Free for a bag purchase)


Tan Suede Boots with Heels from H&M (Php 2,000)

Here's to breaking labels, connotations, and stereotypes. ;)