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MAC Cosmetics Giambattista Valli lipsticks in Eugenie, Margherita and Charlotte review + swatches

MAC Cosmetics Giambattista Valli Collection - lipsticks in
Charlotte, Margherita and Eugenie (matte finish)

Brand: MAC Cosmetics
Product: Giambattista Valli Collection Lipsticks
Price: Php 1,100 (approx)
Release Date: September 2015 (Philippines)

As mentioned in my previous post, "A look at the MAC Cosmetics Giambattista Valli lipsticks in Eugenie, Margherita and Charlotte (Swatches to follow)", here it is, the swatches for the MAC Cosmetics Giambattista Valli collection lipsticks in Eugenie, Margherita and Charlotte.
I'll probably skip the intro and whatnots, as I have written those in this blog post. Continue scrolling below for the photos...

The packaging (featuring the MAC False Lashes sample that I got for free!)

MAC Cosmetics Giambattista Valli Collection - matte lipsticks
in Eugenie (Dark plum), Margherita (Coral) and Charlotte (crimson).

For this post, I used Charlotte with the red lip liner
that I got from a Sasa store in Hong Kong.

Did the swatches for the first time (even though I've had the lipsticks since July. Lol, busy bee), using my iPhone's camera and without flash. I'll start from the lightest. Here it goes...

EOS lip balms in Strawberry Sorbet and Pomegranate Raspberry

First things first! Apply a lip balm first before putting on lipstick just so your lips are properly moisturized to avoid chapped lips; and so the lipstick will have a much better glide on those puckers. I love my EOS lip balm so much, especially since I am into matte lipsticks; and we all know that MAC Cosmetics has one of the most drying formulas for their matte and especially, their retro matte finish.

My lips pre-lipstick application
1. Margherita (Coral)

The minimalist yet chic packaging


This shade when worn, definitely gives you the illusion that it's summer already. Lol

Sorry if the lighting isn't that gooooood

What my lips looked like after blotting
This warm-hued lipstick has a nice tangerine and tropical-y feel to it. It's actually my first "orange" lipstick, as I don't feel like I can carry an orange shade on my lips. I was doubtful at first but decided to buy it anyway because the packaging looks really nice. Turns out the shade wasn't so bad on me. FYI, I'm an NC30 or 35.

2. Charlotte


Lip lining

✓Lip balm; ✓Lip liner; ✓1 layer of Charlotte

✓Lip balm; ✓Lip liner; ✓1 layer of Charlotte; ✓Post-blotting; ✓Another layer of Charlotte
If you want to channel your inner Kylie Jenner, you can also
"over-line" your lips using a lip liner. 

To have fuller and neat looking lips, I always use a lip liner first, with the same color as my lipstick. I usually do this for red to dark lipsticks, but recently, I've been so into lip liners (blaming Kylie Jenner for this!) that I also use it for pinks and nudes. It's because lip liners help prolong your lipsticks and at the same time, it also enhances your lips. Anyway, Charlotte reminded me of the Victoriana lipstick from the MAC Cosmetics Toledo collection. It's also a blue-toned red lipstick like Charlotte, but the latter is in richer and a little bit darker than Russian Red.

3. Eugenie


✓Lip balm; ✓Lip liner; ✓1 layer of Eugenie

✓Lip balm; ✓Lip liner; ✓1 layer of Eugenie; ✓Post-blotting

I am so into Vampy lipsticks that I think almost half of my 23-piece lipstick collection is a bit dark. So, when this collection came out, my eyes were definitely hooked with Eugenie. It reminded me of Pure Heroine lipstick from the MAC Cosmetics Lorde collection which was instantaneously sold out the moment it was released. It's also somewhat similar to Wet N Wild's Sugar Plum Fairy which is a matte finish too, and actually costs a lot cheaper.


- For your lipstick to last longer and at the same time, enhance your lips even moreuse a lip liner of the same color with your lipstick (related post: Beauty: How to achieve luscious matte red lips);

- If you want your lips to look more matteafter applying your lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue;

- If you want a longer lasting colored lip (apart from using a lip liner), blot your lips after applying the lipstick, then apply another layer of lipstick, et voila!

My favorite: MAC Cosmetics Giambattista Valli Collection - lipstick in Charlotte

This collection was available in the US back in July and I was told by MAC Cosmetics that it'll be available here by September this year--just not sure of the exact date. If you want to avail a lipstick from this collection, I suggest you keep your eyes and ears open regarding the release date here in the Philippines. What shade do you like the most? :)


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