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Easy Do-It-Yourself Choker Necklace

DIY Choker Necklace when worn
If you're a 90's kid, you know what the 90's fashion looks like. There's denim, loose shirts, white sneakers, brown lips, braids, and of course--chokers! You've probably been seeing a lot of people wearing these tight necklaces like a dog collar, well now you know why. (Blame it on whoever brought back 90's fashion again! LOL.) So if you're digging this style or just simply enjoy DIYs like me, this post is for you! Here's how to make your very own choker necklace. ;)

I'm also wearing this on my DP!

Making this accessory is actually very easy and really cheap, trust me. You only need the following:
  • Two (2) pliers (to properly hold the small parts and connect the small rings)
  • A scissor
  • At least one (1) yard of ribbon or lace of your choice (You can find these in fabric stores, or in the sewing/craft section of leading department stores)
  • A pair of Locks/Clasps
  • A marker (Optional)
  • Two (2) split rings/connectors (All can be bought from DIY/craft shops)
  • Pendant (Optional)

Just a tip: have at least one (1) yard of ribbon/lace. Know that this can make 2 choker necklaces, but it's so that if you make a mistake, you still have another.

After providing the materials you need, you're now ready to create your own DIY choker necklace!


Step 1: Gather all the materials and make sure that there's abundant lighting because you will be working with tiny stuff.

Step 2: Measure the length of your neck: the right measure should be not too tight, enough for you to breathe; and not too loose, as it is meant to be a choker-type of a necklace. Make a few centimeters of allowance on both ends. This is to make space for when you attach the clasps or the "lock". You may opt to mark where you're supposed to cut. But as for me, I just estimated it so I didn't use a marker, so it's up to you. Carefully cut the ribbon.

You may use a pendant from your old accessory just like mine!

Bonus step (if you opt for a pendant): Use a split ring/connector that's proportionate to the size of your ribbon and attach it to your pendant of choice. Close it and then slip it onto the ribbon.

Step 3: Using both of the pliers, attach the clasps in both ends of the ribbon. Enclose the ribbon with the clasps using the pliers.

Step 4: After successfully attaching the clasps on both ends, attach the split rings/connectors on both ends and then connect the locks. If both of the locks are already interconnected with its connectors, close it using the pliers.

Step 5: Make sure that the clasps and connectors are as enclosed as possible (but not too much) to make sure that your necklace won't easily detach and break.

Et voila! Your DIY choker necklace!

When worn:

Match your choker necklace with a bold lip <3

If you're still a bit confused or if you have questions about the steps or whatever, feel free to contact me through this post (comment away!) or shoot me a message via the contact form. Hope you liked it and until next DIY!