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My Make-Your-Own-Havaianas (MYOH) 2016 experience

Our Make-Your-Own-Havaianas 2016 pairs

Last week was the boyfriend and I's impromptu "date day/day out". Impromptu because after his night shift Friday work, he just decided to date (apparently, that meant to let me eat my heart out at this new Chinese restaurant that I've been wanting to try for quite some time now--will post that soon. Haha.) me that day. Apparently, it was also that same weekend that Make Your Own Havaianas 2016 was happening at SM Megamall.  It was destiny, isn't it? :)

MYOH 2016's theme is Japanese!

I told myself before that I would never, ever buy overpriced slippers/flip flops even if I have the extra money. But ever since I've had my first pairs of Havaianas, I was more than happy that I have eaten the exact words that I said about not buying one. It was never my intention to, but back then, Havaianas had a Gift With Purchase (GWP) promo: when you buy at least Php 2,000 worth of regular priced flip flops, you get to buy a canvas duffel bag worth Php 350, I think? I liked the bag, so I participated in the promo. That's when I started to love Havaianas.

Havaianas 2013 Canvas Duffel Bag

Prior to the event, I have had 4 pairs of Havaianas:

1) Havaianas Top in Hot Pink

2) Havaianas Slim in Black with Floral Print (which was stolen, ugh!!!)

3) Havaianas Grace Sandal Flip Flop in Neon Green

4) Havaianas Thong Sandals in Rose Gold

Despite having more than enough pairs of Havaianas, I still had not participated in any MYOH event. It was 2013 when I first had my pairs, and it took me 3 years before I got to finally join one. Haha.

The obligatory outfit photo, taken by the boyfriend <3

Anyway, since it was our date, of course, I wore my best outfit so far (as shown above): a gray flowy dress and a scarf from Forever 21; a thick choker from Sweet Style Beadworks; boots from H&M--that I bought like 1 month ago and haven't worn yet (because I totally forgot about it when I just practically threw it in my closet, complete with the tag on, receipt and paper bag. Lol); and my favorite go-to leather hand bag from my Mom.

MYOH 2016 turned Japanese!

We arrived at SM Megamall at around 2 PM, I think. We instantly saw the MYOH 2016 event because it was held at the Mega Fashion Hall so it was easily seen upon entering the mall. However, for some reasons (probably because of hunger, since we had not eaten yet), we ignored the event and went straight to the restaurant. We ate (A LOT, FOR TWO PEOPLE) then went shopping, then ate again. It was only after eating (again) that we finally decided to join in on the fun that is MYOH.

MYOH 2016 registration form

Before you enter the event, you have to register first by filling up the MYOH 2016 form (as shown in the photo above). In the front page, you'll have to put in your name and contact details and below it is the price list. Listed at the back are the available designs you can mix and match. It was very systematical really because you already decide the design for your pair so you won't be taking too long in the counter since you have your own Havaianas pair figured out already.

Since we got in late, like 8:30 PM, there were only very limited designs and stocks left to create your own design. The Assembler that we were assigned to, was helpful, yes, but was not resourceful. She kept on insisting that's all the stocks and colors they have for our size since ours was common. The boyfriend was fortunate enough to have his design to life. Since I won't take no for an answer, I went to the opposite side to have the colors that I wanted for my MYOH 2016 pair. Thanks to my new Assembler Richie, who was very helpful and resourceful (she went back and forth and all around the event just to be able to accommodate my preference!), I finally got what I wanted for my first MYOH pair!

These pins are just too adorable! Japanese everything!
By the way, the pins are Php 100 each. Quite expensive for something so little, but aren't they cuuuutttteee??! I especially LOVED ramen, because duh, who doesn't love ramen?!

My finished product!!!
For my first MYOH pair, I got myself a Slim sole and metallic pearl straps. I initially wanted the ramen pin, but my straps were so thin for that so I went for the robot. And of course, I got the Sakura pin because it's pink, plus to add some color to my minimalist pair of flip flop. I chose these colors because as previously mentioned, my Slim Black pair was stolen. I could never get over that because it was my favorite (before the Rose Gold thong came) and most expensive. Haha. Plus, I took care of it so well. However, just when I thought the condo I am living in was safe, I was too confident to keep it in our common area. And one day, when I wanted to use it, it's just gone. Goodbye, Php 1,350. Hahahahahaha shit.

HIS: Arizona (Green) Top sole and Black straps with Ramen and Beer pins
HERS: Black Slim sole and Pearl metallic straps with Robot and Sakura pins

Et voila, here's our first MYOH pair!!! Keeping it simple, yes. :)

It was such a fun experience because you get to see how your Havaianas pair is assembled, you get to mix and match the colors and of course, you get to have cute pins on them!

Was it worth the price and time? YES!
Was it a pleasant or better yet, a fun experience? YES!
Will I join again next year? If I have the budget to, then definitely YES! 

Looking forward to their theme for next year. MYOH 2017, I have high expectations for you. :)