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Colourette Cosmetics' Starter Pak by Michelle Dy in "Boss Babe" review + swatches

Colourette Cosmetics' Starter Pak by Michelle Dy in "Boss Babe"

Last September, up and coming Filipino-owned Cosmetics Brand Colourette Cosmetics launched a lipstick bundle they collaborated with Filipino-Chinese Beauty Blogger and Youtube Vlogger, Michelle Dy! They're quite new in the beauty industry (they recently celebrated their first anniversary!) but they started making a buzz when they got Filipina-Australian Model Lily Maymac as their model and endorser almost a year ago. With a variety of killer lipstick shades, a great matte finish and knowing how to market their products to the Filipinas, Colourette Cosmetics sure know what they are doing!

There are 10 Starter Pak! bundles to choose from for only P999 each. Each bundle has a lip primer "Uno" and two other matte lipsticks. I personally loved the very catchy names to match the equally catching shades. 

Among the 10 shades, I loved "Boss Babe" best. I love reds and MLBB shades; thankfully, I found that in this Starter Pak! with the shades Monroe and Georgia. I already have my most coveted shades so I chose to have the ones I didn't have yet.

Monroe is a nice red-orange color, while Georgia is a muted pink--definitely an MLBB (my lips but better) shade!

Colourette Cosmetics' Starter Pak by Michelle Dy in "Boss Babe" swatches

Colourette Cosmetics - Uno (lip primer)

I started with Colourette's lip primer, Uno. I'm honestly not a lip-primer-kind-of-girl, because I prefer lip balms over them. However, since this bundle came with it, I decided to try it anyway.

My lips sans any lip product

By the way, when I did the swatches, I was suffering from allergic rhinitis, that's why my nose is a bit red (thanks to all the sneezing I've done!) so my lips look so dry and dull. Haha.

My lips after applying Colourette Cosmetics' - Uno (lip primer)

So once I've applied Uno to my lips, it instantly felt moisturized plus I also loved the smell!

When I looked in the mirror, I noticed that the dullness and dryness of my lips were lessened. It actually started to look a little bit alive. LOL.

Colourette Cosmetics Creamy Matte Colourstick in Georgia

Georgia swatch

Upon opening the colourstick, it instantly smelled like oh-so-good coffee. So good it's as if it's a legit coffee!

Colourette Cosmetics Creamy Matte Colourstick in Georgia 

Now, these coloursticks has a Creamy Matte finish. However, it is actually more creamy than matte. So since it is a little too creamy for me, I blotted it using a tissue to lessen the creaminess.

Colourette Cosmetics Creamy Matte Colourstick in Georgia - blotted

I've been looking for the perfect MLBB shade for me. I already have MAC Cosmetics' Twig but I feel like Colourette's Georgia does the trick for me. It's super pigmented even if I blot it.

Colourette Cosmetics Creamy Matte Colourstick in Monroe

Monroe swatch

Now I don't know if the name has anything to do with Marilyn Monroe, but heck I like this color. Mostly because it's kinda hard to pull off a red-orange shade as it only suits certain skin tones. However, there's a balance in red and orange in this shade, plus I really love how pigmented these coloursticks are!

Colourette Cosmetics Creamy Matte Colourstick in Monroe

Colourette Cosmetics Creamy Matte Colourstick in Monroe - blotted

Like I said, the Creamy Matte finish is a little too creamy so the technique would be to blot and blot. And like Georgia, Monroe also has a nice smell of coffee!

Instagram stories!

The verdict: I love the smell, the lip primer Uno (SML for this one), the shades and how pigmented these coloursticks are. I just don't like how creamy it is. I feel like it's not as Matte as it claims to be, but blotting does the trick anyway.

Is it worth the price? This bundle costs 999 and already consists of 2 coloursticks and a lip primer. Considering the original price of each product (499 each), you already saved P498. Plus, if you purchase a lip primer from other brands, it certainly costs more than this.

Will I buy again? Heck yes! But I think the Starter Paks are already sold out as there were only 100 pieces of each. I'd like to try out other shades as well like their bestselling Sahara, Bethany, and Dakota. They also have the new Metalmorphosis, a perfect dupe for Kylie's Metal Liquid Lipsticks! 

And ladies, just so you know, Colourette Cosmetics has a pre-holiday sale! You may get your Coloursticks for only P399 from its original price of P499, while the Matte Metallics at P439! Hurry, because the promo is until November 30, 2016, only!!!


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