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26 Things I Learned While Hanging Out with Phoebe Ryan in Manila

A Conversation with Phoebe Ryan | 26 Things I Learned While Hanging Out with Phoebe Ryan in Manila
A Conversation with Phoebe Ryan | 26 Things I Learned While Hanging Out with Phoebe Ryan in Manila

Although the New Year’s Event she headlined in is over more than a week ago, but I still couldn’t believe I got to meet this amazing person. The best part is, the people who were at the Eastwood Mall got to watch her perform her songs live. What a way to celebrate and start 2017, right? Right.

The afternoon of December 30 started with just a few people gathered around a hall at a prestigious hotel in Ortigas, waiting for Phoebe Ryan to arrive. When she did though, we instantly felt the room lighting up as she entered with her pleasant laugh echoing within the walls.

Like a typical Filipino way of welcoming foreign artists, we immediately greeted her with our gifts; of which were all returned with a warm hug and several thank yous. “You guys, this is so nice, this is the best. You know ‘cause I had Christmas when I was on the airplane so I didn’t get presents so this is the best thing ever!” she said. 

P.S., that choker she put on and wore in the live stream was from me. She loved it so much she wore it at the NYE event as well!

A lot of photos were taken and then afterward, I got the chance to ask her the questions I have been wanting to ask her ever since I found out I was going to meet her… Big thanks to Ivory Philippines, by the way!

Anything that you like about your stay here in the Philippines?
I had an amazing tour today. We’re in Intramuros, we saw all the walls and all the great history there. And then, also one of the highlights of my year is seeing my silly face on a billboard (the Eastwood NYE Party billboard) when we were driving by. That was crazy. The highlight of my year, for sure. The highlight of my life.

What do you want to try during your stay here?
Hmm… I just want to rock really hard tomorrow. I want to put all of my energy into the performance, and I want to make sure that we all have the best New Year’s party imaginable.

What about any food you want to eat? Have you heard of balut (duck embryo)?
No. What is it? I’m vegetarian so…

Oh, no. You don’t want to know about it.
No? Not good. I don’t want to know about it. *laughing*

What are your plans for the future?
To continue being true to myself and happy and healthy. And just keep being true to my art and everything. All that good stuff. We all try to do that, right? Happy, healthy.

What is/are your most favorite out of all your songs?
I think that one song that I never get tired of listening to is “We Won’t.” I did a song with James Young, a duet. That song’s always very, it’s been very special to me, ever since we... I’d still hear it and I’m like “Wow, how did I… That’s so cool”. It’s like, I’m still excited about that one.

Your message for your Filipino and Asian fans?
I love you guys! I’m just like, so happy to be here. This is like, so crazy that I’m here right now. It’s wild!

..And we love that you came here to perform for the New Year!
It’s the best! I’m so excited!

Any other color that you want to put in your hair?
Ooohhh. I think I’ll always stay in the realm of green. But maybe, you know, my hair used to be like a little bit more turquoise, a little like blue hair. I might like to dabble in 2017. Just maybe. Don’t be scared though. We’ll all be okay.

Do you know how to doodle or something? Or calligraphy?
My mom is an artist so I grew up drawing. I can just draw like really dumb cartoons, but I’m not very good. I just think it’s kinda fun to do.

Can you show us some?
Okay, give me something to draw. It might be so bad, I might embarrass myself! Uhm, let’s see..  I’m trying to think of something that I saw today that I was inspired by. I wish I could draw a jeepney. Is that how you say it? The “jeepney”? I wish I could draw one of those. They’re so cool though, it’s like one of the coolest cars I’ve ever seen. They’re amazing.

You will only find them here in the Philippines.
Yeah, they’re amazing! I want one though. How do I bring it back to the US with me? It’d be amazing.

…and then we had a few more minutes to talk until she starts the Facebook live stream hosted by Ivory Philippines. We all stayed until the end of the live stream so I got to keep track of some of it.

“Hello, everybody, this is Phoebe Ryan coming at you live in the Philippines. This is the best day ever. I’m having the best time here in Manila. Just been rocking out all day. I’m here to answer some questions for you guys. Let’s see, I’ll just dive right in.”

What is my favorite song?
Well, I think, like maybe a year ago, was Jason Derulo’s “Want to Want Me” but it recently changed to “24 Karat Magic” by Bruno Mars. That’s my favorite song ever. I put it on repeat when I’m in the gym just to repeat repeat repeat and going on and on and on. It’s the best song ever.

Is the house featured in the “Mine” video your actual house? Also, do you live near Carly Rae Jepsen?
Yes to both of those questions! So, it was funny I guess when we were trying to shoot the video for mine, we were trying to think like saving money and I was like, “well, why don’t we just shoot it in my apartment? So we shot it in my apartment and it was hilarious because my apartment was really dirty and I convinced everyone in my crew to help me clean my house while we were shooting the video. And they were like “ok, we’re gonna move the couch in this scene” and I was like “okay, can somebody just sweep under the couch?” and then Carly Rae Jepsen lives you know, like 20 minutes down the street from me. But, she’s awesome. What a gal.

What was your favorite part of the Boyz n Poizn tour?
Ooh, that’s a good one. That was really like an amazing time because it was like my first headlining tour you know it was my first time where people were coming out to see me live. I don’t know, I think it’s crazy. I think one of my favorite moments was in Salt Lake City. I’ve never been to Salt Lake City before, so like, who’s gonna come to the saw? Who’s gonna even show up? It’s gonna be like 5 people. And then it ended up being so many people there and they were dancing so intensely even during the slow songs! Even during slow songs, they were like getting down. I think that was really exciting to me. It was really fun.

What’s the most beautiful thing that happened to you in 2016?
One of the highlights of my year was I went on a road trip with my older brother from San Diego to Virginia Beach. So it was from the West Coast all the way to the East Coast and we did the drive in 4 days. And I drove most of the time, just for the record, My older brother. I was just like, that was such an important moment of my year.

What or who inspired you to sing?
I don’t even know the answer to that question. I just kinda was born just singing, being real obnoxious and just loud and I don’t know.. *laughs

Can you please write a Christmas song?
Yes, I will do that. Maybe 2017 is my Christmas song year. You know it’s funny, actually in high school, I actually put out a Christmas album. It was like, just 5 songs, I guess but my high school had a little record label and I did a bunch of Christmas covers. I still have a copy of it somewhere and I’m sure it’s really bad but I think about maybe someday I’ll do a better Christmas album.

Do you want to have a collab with DJ Snake?
Yes! of course, I do. I think he follows me on twitter. He should hit me up. We should hang out.

What did you do when Jason Derulo tweeted you?
It’s so embarrassing but I actually cried. Like I’m not lying. There are actually tears in my eyes. I’m so lame. It’s okay though.

Which singer do you dream of doing a collaboration with?
I’d love to collaborate with Jason Derulo. He’s really my favorite. Or Bruno Mars, since I guess that’s my favorite song now.

Any rituals before going on stage?
I put my earbuds in and I blast music super loud anything from Britney Spears to Gwen Stefani. Anybody that rocks really hard, you know. I just go for it. I just dance around.

How was it to write for Britney?
Well, it was amazing. It was wonderful.

“So I also have something really funny to tell you guys. Well, it’s not funny, I guess it’s just interesting. Something that my mom reminded me of. The other day. My grandmother was born here in the Philippines and I think that’s so cool right? Just an interesting little tip of information for all you folks out there”, she added.

What’s with green, Phoebe?
I just love green. I was saying earlier, when I was growing up, I had a parrot. Its name was Green Bean and it was literally just green. It was literally the exact same color as my hair and I had that parrot for about 15 years and I would like to think that Green Bean is the reason why my hair is green. Because I’m just doing it in his honor.  Which is probably the weirdest answer I could give you.

What’s your relationship with The Chainsmokers?
Well, I will tell you. They are really nice dudes. It’s been really fun getting in the studio with them, they are really nice people. I think everyone will be surprised about how cool they are. Maybe not surprised. I think that you’d be surprised at how focused, passionate and driven they are. And I guess it comes across with their success obviously but they’re very inspiring. They’re cool dudes.

I actually write songs for other artists too. I’m working on my own record right now, but I think it’s really important to stay busy and write for other artists to find like a lot of inspiration writing. That’s really fun, getting to write for Britney Spears, you get to a mindset of creativity. It’s really cool just being able to say things in a certain way for other people. If that makes sense.

“Anyway, thank you guys so much for sticking around. For hanging out. I love you guys, I'm very grateful that I get to be in this beautiful country and celebrate the end of 2016 and the beginning of the best year of all of our lives! 2017, here we go! I hope you all have a great new year. And oh, don’t drink and drive, everyone, be responsible. Don’t be dumb. Don’t be an idiot. Be smart.

Mahal kita. Mabuhay! Alright, love you guys so much!”

If you missed the entire live stream, visit Ivory Music & Video’s Facebook page here for the replay.


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