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Up close with Phoebe Ryan | More photos + videos from the meet and greet

Up close with Phoebe Ryan | More photos + videos from the meet and greet

You may (or may not) have heard that American indie-electro pop singer and songwriter Phoebe Ryan recently came to the Philippines for a New Year's Celebration party. Phoebe is known for her angelic voice and catchy tunes "Mine", "Dead", her mashup of R. Kelly's "Ignition" and Miguel's "Do You", and her single with The Chainsmokers' "All We Know". Prior to the event, I was given the once in a lifetime chance to meet her personally, thanks to the people from Ivory Music Philippines. I already posted about the 26 Things I Learned While Hanging Out with Phoebe Ryan in Manila—the article I wrote for AsiaLive365, but now I'll be sharing more about my meet and greet with Phoebe Ryan. Expect new photos, trivia about Phoebe, videos and more so read on.

December 30th was no ordinary day for me as I was about to meet one of my favorite artists ever. It was late in the afternoon when we met up with someone from Ivory Music Philippines. 

There was a table prepared for us!
We went to the hotel where Phoebe was staying and headed straight to one of the function/meeting rooms. That same day, Phoebe was also scheduled to do a Facebook live session with her fans and we were given enough time to talk with her.

A list of some of my questions

While waiting for Phoebe, I started writing all the questions I had in my mind. I took advantage of the paper and pencil provided for us. I was excited and kinds shaking, so I figured it'd be better to list all my questions so that everything will be smoother when I finally meet her. Plus, in my mind, I will also be using this Q&A material for my article at AsiaLive365, so I really have to document everything. Haha.

Phoebe in the house

When Phoebe arrived, the room instantly became warm from her chuckles which eventually turns into laughter, to her hugging everyone in the room. I swear she is such a nice gal.

Phoebe Ryan
And did I mention how cool she looks? Her green hair, crystal necklace, hipster dress, and lace-up platform boots—UGH. GOALS.

Of course, Filipinos aren't known to be hospitable for nothing. We came bearing gifts!

After Phoebe got to say hi to everyone, we proceeded to take individual photos with her.

Phoebe Ryan live in Manila

When it was my turn, I asked Phoebe, "Can we dab while he's taking a photo?" and her response: "Yes, I was born to dab!". LOL, the best.

Phoebe inviting us to join her for some group photo

Group photo with the other fans

And finally, conversation time! I sat right next to Phoebe the entire time before her Facebook live session is scheduled. With that, I took the opportunity to casually interview her.

Watch the video to know more about our Q&A session, see Phoebe draw an owl, and sing a snippet of her song. I did not take a video of the entire conversation. I could have, but I purposely did not because, for me, some things are better remembered than filmed. :)

If you watched the video above, you would have known that she laughs a lot. And so just look at her laughing right there. LOL. So anyway, when it was time for her Facebook live session, she went to the couch and did her thing. We all decided to stay by the way.

For those of you who weren't able to catch the live stream, you can watch it here, via Ivory Music Philippines' Facebook page.

And since we were there, here's peek of what's happening during her Facebook live session.

Go to the 6:42 mark and see her put on one of the chokers I gave her. She said she loved it and that she'll wear it at the NYE event!




More photos from the live stream:

 After the live stream, we took more photos of Phoebe.

Here she is, smiling for my camera~

Well, what else can I say? Phoebe's such a nice and talented person. I'm very happy and thankful that I met her and got to know her. So as a way of paying it forward for Phoebe's fans out there, here is her video message to her fans!

Until next time, Phoebs, we hope when you return you'll have a bigger show. :)


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