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LANY Live in Manila 2017 at Ayala Malls

March this year, LANY first went to Manila, Philippines to be a part of an annual music festival called Wanderland. I, unfortunately, wasn't able to attend because the girl's too busy to. 😞 Fortunately, for me and other LANY fans who weren't able to attend too, the LA-based band is back with a series of shows for free! Continue reading to know more. 

First off—thank you so much Ayala Malls and Karpos Multimedia for bringing them back for a couple of days!!! That's the main reason I love Ayala Malls. They bring bands to the mall-goers for free! Although of course, people could always buy passes to secure seats in their shows. Just like the first Ayala Malls' show, I went to BoysLikeGirls and The 1975's series of shows 4 years ago!

So going back, just like The 1975's, I went to three out of the five shows LANY had. This time, I wasn't able to secure passes because I was out of town and too preoccupied with work. But that did not stop me. My sister and I still went, despite having no passes for any of their shows.

LANY Live At Ayala Malls 2017 Videos:

Greenbelt // August 5, 2017

I arrived late, so I wasn't able to get a nice spot to watch the guys. This is the only decent shot I got. I was super far!!!

Market Market // August 6, 2017

Having the number of attendees in mind, this time my sister and I made it a point to arrive early and secure ourselves a nice spot! Thankfully, we were able to! Thus pretty nice photos. Check them out:

Trinoma // August 6, 2017

After Market Market, we made sure to go as soon as possible to Trinoma, where their next and last show is. However, when we got there, tons of people were already flocked near the stage! The nearest spot is on their right side, where there are lots of noisy fans screaming nonsense. But oh well. A fan girl's gotta fangirl. Here are the photos I took:


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