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Linya-Linya Land 2019: Cheats, Autotelic, The Itchyworms, UDD, Dicta License, and more

One of my goals this year is to see as many concerts and music festivals as I can, especially if one of my favorites is part of it. The local music industry today is improving, thanks to the efforts of many, especially those who continue to support OPM, and for local music festivals like Linya-Linya Land!

Ever since the lineup for Linya-Linya Land 2019 was revealed, my mind's already set—I'll be there! This was made possible primarily by clothing brand Linya-Linya, who prides themselves with their unique drawings-turned-tees with witty concepts.

So what do tees have to do with music? Well, one of the founders of Linya-Linya is Jim Bacarro, (Saab Magalona-Bacarro's husband) who is also part of the local indie rock band, Cheats. While it may be easier for them to connect with fellow musicians, they also tapped several partner brands who helped provide us a good time and make this day happen!

And what can I say, for the brand's first event, everything was good, especially the lineup! First and foremost, the venue. It was held at the events center of Century City Mall in Makati so it's accessible, decent, and has enough air-conditioning! Food and drinks were nice and affordable too, plus there were activities should you want to do something while waiting for your favorite band. There were also freebies and a booth for you to shop Linya-Linya Land and even Linya-Linya's merch. 

Here's Linya-Linya Land 2019's set time:

I was really hoping to see Pedicab perform for the first time. I've loved them ever since I was in college which was in 2008, I think, when they launched their second studio album called, "Shinji Ilabas Mo Na Ang Helicopter". However, when we got to the venue, Sandwich was already playing. Well, here's to hoping Pedicab will be at the next Linya-Linya Land!

Linya-Linya Land 2019 Videos:

Linya-Linya Land 2019 Photos:


It was a little sunnier than usual that afternoon and the venue's walls were mostly made of glass but Sandwich made us forget all about it!


You guys, Dicta License is baaaack! One of the reasons my sister and I made a point to attend this event was to see them perform live. We were in high school when alternative rock was very much in that time, and OPM definitely kept up. So when Dicta License released Paghilom, we were definitely hooked as it sounded different. While most bands were focused on just rocking it out, Dicta License sang about politics, the country and the issues the youth were facing back then.

This time, they graced us with a new song called "Bagong Bayani" but with the same eye-opening and socio-political theme. One word: MALUPIT. It's been years since they've been really active following Pochoy Labog's decision to go on hiatus in pursuit of furthering his studies. (FYI: this dude's also a lawyer!)


Never heard of this band until this day, but I was surprised to see the effect of their music on their fans especially during the song "Kalachuchi".


Probably one of the local bands I will never get tired of seeing perform. Their songs are classic! It's nice that despite his busy schedule with local noon-time show It's Showtime, they are still very active with gigs! How I wish Ely Buendia also joined The Itchyworms onstage even for just one song. Perhaps next year? 🙂


Okay so when Saab Magalona-Bacarro announced she's pregnant, I really was not surprised. Because back in February (when Linya-Linya Land 2019 happened), I noticed the pregnancy glow (check the photos below!). She's also not as magalaw onstage, and she's not drinking! So excited for them and especially since it's going to be Kuya Pancho from now on!


Been so long since I last saw Up Dharma Down live and daaammmmnnn, they're just so good. 


I found out about Autotelic back in 2014, I think when my colleague told me about this up-and-coming indie-alternative rock band that I might like. And true enough, I did! However, this was also my first time to see them perform live.

Linya-Linya Land 2019 may be the first music festival for clothing brand Linya-Linya, but I do hope it will not be the last as it is one of my favorite local music events to date!


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